Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Green Lovelies

Prissy Green is having an amazing eco-friendly giveaway!

For the contest she has split it so that there will be three winners:

1 Winner for the Stop Wars Tee

In addition to being 100% American-made and sweatshop free, this shirt is also manufactured with 100% organic cotton, meaning no pesticides are used in the crops growth. and this is also a giveaway item. The shirt is a size SMALL.

1 winner for the Scrub and Chocolate bar

The Scrub is a sugar based scrub that is blended with 9 natural oils! And the Bloomsberry & Co Climate Change Chocolate Milk is wrapped with all this eco/green tips such as, "eating more vegetarian meals and eating less meat reduces carbon emmissions and gives you an excuse to try new recipes." All Natural, Premium, Kosher Milk chocolate (34% cocoa)

1 winner for the Pashmina Shawl Wrap

The one you can win is orchid (lavender) and has an awesome flower pattern on it!

You have until Febuary 19th and it's only open to US residents!!

Click here to enter!!

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