Sunday, February 22, 2009

Opps my Bad! Sorry!

I just realized that many of you who entered my giveaways and indicated that they had become a follower, entered by indicating they became a follower with the number of entries that they received which would be four for a new entry and six for being an old follower (#1-#4 follower) at the time I was quite confused and I didn't realize that it was your intention (thanks to Micaela for pointing it out)! So sorry for the confusion but rest assured that when I saw that you had become a follower I gave you all the appropriate entries!

Sorry once again!

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Michele P. said...

aw, no problem! I just wasn't sure how you were doing it, a separate comment for each entry or one comment and then you give the appropriate # of entries. Everyone has their own way of doing things, so I just wanted to be sure! have a great night!