Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blackberry Madness

I don't know you but I am glued to my cell phone, I literally feel lost if I forget it because it literally has everything, the only way I tell time, my calender! You might have heard of a little thing called the Blackberry, well there is a super amazing giveaway going on at the moment at the Boy Genius Report where they are giving away three Blackberrys! And not just any old Blackberrys but the newest models out there! They are giving away:

  • (1) BlackBerry Bold
  • (1) BlackBerry Storm
  • (1) BlackBerry Curve 8900
And don't be sad if you didn't win or you already have a Blackberry, because they are also giving away 500 BlackBerry unlock codes! Yes, you totally read that correctly. 500 unlock codes! That’s over $10,000 in unlock codes!!!!

Click here to enter!

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