Monday, May 18, 2009

Wii Fit Giveaway!

I love the wii fit it truly is an awesome way to get fit because you are having so much fun you don`t even realize that your getting exercise which is perfect for me because I hate working out!!

Dr. Dolgoff is giving away a Wii Fit to two fans on Facebook. There are two ways to win:

1) If they reach 500 Facebook fans by 11:59PM on May 31st, they'll give away a free Wii Fit to a randomly selected fan! Just become a fan and you'll be automatically entered to win!

2) Help them reach the goal by tweeting about the giveaway or commenting on their wall , and you'll be entered into an additional drawing to win both a Wii Fit AND a 3-month membership to their national online program.

Don't have a Facebook account? You should sign up for an account! It's FREE and the signup is a snap, plus it is very entertaining! Just head onto the facebook page to enter!

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