Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Worst Experience Ever!

(Poor kid just found out about the joys he will face in the dentist's chair)

Uggh I'm in pain! I just got my wisdom tooth taken out yesterday and let me just say it is an experience I never want to go through ever again! I didn't get put under which was my number one mistake and instead I got localized shot. I seriously should have closed my eyes because when I saw the size of the needle I wanted to freak out! The dentist told me to relax but I couldn't....I mean the needle was the size of half of my arm! The pulling of the tooth part was so sureal because I couldn't feel anything....but I could hear the drilling since he had to break the tooth apart because it refused to come out and finally the loud cracking sound when my stubborn tooth finally decided to come out!

But I must say there were funny parts to my experience, I loved the cool feeling of not being able to feel my face and it lead to many interesting experiences! I usually don't look at a mirror when I put on my lip gloss....BIG mistake! I couldn't feel my face and I ended up smearing lip gloss all over my face without noticing it! And I walked around for the longest time! And since I couldn't feel my face I didn't even notice that I was drooling! =( and when my boyfriend called me that night he made me laugh and I had so much spit in my mouth it flew I decided to sleep with a towel. Sorry if that was TMI!

So note to everyone, get put under if you pull your teeth.....because I still have the hibbie jibbies just thinking about it =(


Adaptable Kay said...

Wow. I remember when I had that done. THANK GODDESS I got put under. The only thing is when I woke up, I looked like a drunken little soldier as my mum put it. Lol
We had to have two or so strong orderlies carry me to the car while I was babbling about something or another.
Interesting experience that was!

The Giveaway Diva said...

ahha i wish i could have been knocked out! ur lucky! at least you don't have to think about how they took it out!

my boyfriends mom took pictures of him right after he woke up and sent them to me for blackmailing purposes! So at least your mom didn't do that to you! =)

deepsouthrunner said...

Oh don't tell me that!! I have a wisdom tooth starting to come in so it's only a matter of time...

nfmgirl said...

I'm lucky to have shallow roots. When I had my tooth pulled, it took about five minutes. In and out. Otherwise I'd have to get knocked out!

The Giveaway Diva said...

Sarcraw: I know it sounds awful but really take them out now!! if you wait too long the roots will grow and then it will be even more painful!!!!

omg nfmgirl lucky you!!! my dentist spent close to an hour trying to pull mine out!!! omg horrible!!!