Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Skin Free Review and Giveaway

When I was contacted by Julie, the founder of Skin Free skincare in order to do a review and giveaway I was very interested in the product. I have very sensitive skin and some days it behaves and other days it does not. So I was very interested by the fact that it was formulated by a pharmacist for people with extremely sensitive skin, allergies, very dry skin or those who have other conditions that affect skin troubles.

I was sent a selection of Skin Free products to review and to get my honest opinion on. I received the Whipped Tamanu Butter and the Lite Moisture Cream for Daily Use. The Lite Moisture Cream for daily use is a very sheer cream that packs a whole lot of power. I love that this cream was formulated with the summer heat in mind and that it's light because it does not make my skin oily especially when it's hot. There is a blend of anti-inflammatory organic extra virgin olive oil and macadamia nut oil to make this cream last all day long. My face was truly was soft and supple and this lasted all day!

The second item, the Whipped Tamanu Butter has a delightful citrus scent that is not overwhelming. Tamanu Oil is a traditional oil used centuries ago by the Polynesians to treat such things as severe sunburn. Scientists have discovered the unique property of this oil: a fatty acid that has the ability to stimulate skin cell growth. As well as containing chemicals that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. They have whipped this Tamanu Butter with such ingredients as olive and shea. I usually have really dry legs and must always put lots and lots of cream on it to keep it hydrated so I thought that the Tamanu Butter would be a good shot at getitng my legs hydrated. I didn't have to put much on but I could really tell the results would last. I put it on at night and in the morning my legs were still soft and they didn't have the tell-tale whiteness of dry skin. I now use it almost daily to keep my legs nice and moisturized.

Skin Free is a skincare revolution that is now hitting your local pharmacy stores. There is a great demand for skin care products that have low toxicity or in Skin Free's case none at all. Skin Free was awarded a Toxicity Rating of "0" from the Environmental Working Group. And their soap has received the National Exzema Association's Seal of Acceptance. That's a lot of prestigious awards! The fact that they are sold in over 2,500 Walgreens stores as well as on their website, in addition to other well known stores is testament to this fact. Skin Free is also sold on their own website here. While the prices may seem a bit pricey at first, you have to consider that it is your health and your skin. Would you really want to slather on products that contain toxins that will leak into your system causing untold damage? It is well worth the price knowing that not only will these products ease your skin problems, but they won't cause any additional health concerns and that is simply priceless.

The Giveaway:

Julie was so generous in offering one of my readers a chance to try out these amazing products by offering a $30 gift certificate to use towards any product!! What a great opportunity to try some amazing products!!!

How to Enter:
1) Go to Skin Free's website and choose what you would pick if you won for one entry
2) Include one fact that you learned that was not included in this giveaway post for one entry
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The contest will run until July 24th!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Cuteness

Hope you are all having an amazing weekend full of sunshine and good times! I'm just finishing off an essay for my english distance class so yuck! No enjoying the sunshine for me! =( What are your plans for this weeked?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lover Dovers Clothing: Interview and Giveaway!!!

This is the perfect giveaway for the people who entered the Boojiboo giveaway but didn’t win because you have another chance to win an amazing apron for your very own!

While browsing Etsy, I recently chanced upon Lover Dovers Clothing and I was drawn in by the very adorable dresses. All of Erin’s dresses are her own original designs, and she makes all of my own patterns. So as you can see she is very talented!! Erin designs her dresses so that they will not only be comfortable and practical but super cute as well!!! All of her designs are MACHINE WASHABLE and designed to fit for a long time.

I love how her clothes have a retro rock feeling to them and that they look like retro aprons!! And apron dresses are not the only things that she sells her shop is quite versatile offering such things as hair bows, tote bags, skirts and even accessories for dolls!! You can get your daughter and her doll a matching outfit! How cute is that? And if you want to get some of this retro rock designs for yourself, she just introduced a line of amazing women's aprons that would look amazing with her Retro Kitchen Set that would look simply amazing in any kitchen!

I would have to say my favourite piece would be the Retro Black white polka dot PARTY DRESS has hot PINK trim or even that adorable Tea Party anyone pink Cupcakes with a cherry on top and aqua polka dots sweetest retro storybook dress!

Here is Erin’s Interview:

Name- Erin Campbell

Name of shop- Lover Dovers Clothing

Location- Whittier, Ca- Los Angeles area

Favorite item from your shop: Today it would be my pink polka dot kitty cat dress. My favourite changes a lot though!! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23040203

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am abo
ut 90% pure creative energy!! I live and breathe design. I can remember always feeling so frustrated as a child. I had this creative energy coursing through me and arts and craft class was only 2 times a week for 30 min. This wasn't cutting it!! I have always been a clothing designer. I tought myself how to sew and I started making my own clothes. I went to college and majored in Fashion Design to earn my degree. Looking back at my final final project, I designed a group of bridal dresses that was basically the same dress that I had been sketching since 1st grade. I have always had a very very femine dramatic style. I love to add different surprising details to my designs. I study the history of fashion, and follow the active art scene. I am married to the artist Joe Alvarez, and have 2 kids.

When and what made you want to open up your shop?
I opened my etsy shop in the end of January. I have always wanted my own shop, and etsy is the perfect place to start out.

Tell us a little bit more about your creation process:
I am not sure how to describe my process, I have a million creative ideas spinning in my head. I struggle to decide what to make first, I have ADD!!. That is not a joke. At all times I have at least 15 projects going. Some thing cut, some half sewn, some just sketches. I would say that I get inspired by something, maybe a fabric, trim, a picture, or a theme. Then I decide what to make out of the inspiration.

Where do you draw inspiration from: I currently draw a lot of inspiration from my little 3 year old girl. When I was pregnant with her, this amazing flood of creativity came over me. I now had a place to channel my creative energy. I have always drawn inspiration from fashion history. Currently I am into the 40's and 50's. I love the bright fun colors, and all of the details they would use. These era's were very detail oriented!! I also get out into the community to see what is out there. Living in Los Angeles, there is so much going on to inspire you here, if you look for it.

If you could be an animal what would you be and why?
I would want to be a cat. I
love cats, they have a mind of their own!!

If you could have one super power what would it be and why? This is an easy question- I would love to have the power to make all of my ideas materialize as I imagine them!! That would be great.

The Giveaway:

Erin was kind enough to offer the winner a choice between: RETRO BLACK AND WHITE POLKA DOT APRON DRESS WITH HOT PINK RIC RAC VERY ROCKABILLY a value of $34.00!!! Any little girl would look adorable wearing this amazing dress!! This dress is made of cute cotton black and white polka dot printed fabric. The apron is white with hot pink ric rac to set it off. The front has a sweetheart neckline and a bow. The back has elastic and a tie back for the perfect fit. (How cute is her daughter by the way!!!)

The other option is something special, because Erin has recently ventured into making dresses and aprons for adults! I was going to hold this giveaway earlier, but Erin asked me if I would postpone it so that she could finish work on her line. The other option is a women’s apron! So this is a great way to make your kitchen attire just a little more interesting!

How to Enter:

1) Go to Erin’s etsy shop and comment on your most favourite item for one entry!

2) If you become a new follower you get four more entries

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8) If you enter any of my current giveaways held on my blog, you can get one entry for each contest you enter! Make sure you let me know which ones you entered!

9) If you vote for my entry “La Bella Vita” (second one from the top) here you get one extra entry!

Wow that’s a lot of entries you can receive! And please have a way for me to contact you!! If your email is on your blog profile that will also work! If you are entering more than once you only have to give me your email in one comment...that way you don't have to put it on all of them, to save you a bit of time! =)

The contest will run until July 23rd!