Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Would You Rather Wednesdays (New Feature!!)

I want to do more fun features in this blog and get more interaction going! So some of you may know Sunday Cuteness (and hopefully love) and a new feature that I wanted to start is "Would you rather Wednesdays?" I know this is Tuesday but I was way too excited to wait!!

So this is how it goes: I ask you a set of questions and you choose between the two options given, you can even add extra comments if you want. This is just a fun little thing that I think would be fun to participate in! I'll be answering the questions of course! I'll do four to start with!

1)Would you rather be stuck in the Sahara Desert wearing a Parka that couldn't come off or stuck in Antarctica naked?

Mmm I hate being hot so I guess I would say the Antartica option, plus I could always find apenguin to cuddle with!

2) Would you rather only be able to eat only your favorite food and nothing else for a year or never be able to eat your favorite food forever?

I'd say never eat my favorite food forever because I love all types of food and I have lots of favorties..so technically that would mean I wouldn't be able to eat lots of food but I'm just going to imagine the question meant only one favorite!

3) Would you rather have to eat a cupful of salt or a cupful of pepper?

Pepper, because it would make you sneeze and that would blow some pepper away! Tricky...I know!

4) Would you rather be really ticklish or really itchy?

Ticklish for sure! I mean I'm pretty ticklish to begin with (hope no one I know reads this or I am in big trouble!!) uggh I couldn't imgaine being itchy all the time! I hate when there's an itch you can reach!!

Now it's your turn!! Don't be shy now! You don't even have to answer all the questions if you don't want to! Just the ones you think are most crazy!

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Sunshine said...

1. I would rather be in Antartica. I prefer the cold and detest being hot.
2. I'd rather eat my favorite thing. I'm not sure why.
3. Pepper please. With history of heart problems in my family, the salt might kill me.
4. Ticklish. I hate being itchy!