Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zannclip: Review

I recently got approached to review the Zannclip and was quite excited to review them after going to check them out on their website. The Zannclip is a revolution in how you tie your hair, because it truly gets rid of the need to ever deal with bothersome hair ties breaking or stretching out. The Zannclip comes in many different options such as 24k gold plate, platinum plate as well as an array of different colours. They are currently being sold not only online but in Barneys NY as well!!! If they are being sold in Barneys you know that this is a phenominal product!
Here is more information from their site:
This ingenious spiral bendy hair clip can be used for fine hair, curly hair, thick hair--ANY type of hair. If you can wear your hair up, you can wear this clip! It's easy to use, it will not get tangled if used correctly, and it is so comfortable you can even sleep in it! AND it is plated in either 24K Gold or Platinum (or color coated but that's a different page). They are so heavily plated (the same plating method as quality flat-wear which withstands much use!) it would take years of use before the plating would wear off. When you see it and hold it in your hand, you will know what I say is true!
My Review:

I got to test out the ultra new as in not even on the site Zannclip, the Extra-large Zannclip which is perfect for people with long thick hair! I was happy to be the guinea pig to test out the new addition to Zanniclip! I was impressed by the packaging it came in and it even came with a sweet surprise treat as well! I recieved two Zannclips: a platnium plated one as well as a black one which was perfect since it matches my hair colour.

I wanted to test them out so I put my hair up in a pony tail and it kept the shape and I didn't have to fix it at all during the day even though I was pretty active! It was quite easy to use and I had no troubles with putting it up at all! I also did an updo and magicaly the Zannclip managed to keep all my hair in once place, which is a great feat in itself because I have tons of hair! I also wanted to try out their claim that you could sleep in it without it poking into your scalp and it worked as well, and my hair was still up after I woke up! It didn't pull on my hair or break ends, or even get caught! The best thing was that there were no weird bumps after I took the Zannclip off!

Video demo of how the Zannclip works!

They have 3 sizes, for the platnium or 24k plate the prices are: Small for $21, Medium for $22 and Large for $23. Their color plated items they are almost 1/2 that price. And right now they even have a Spring Special, get 20% off if you buy 3 items. Although it might seem pricey just think about how much money you will save on elastics, because this item will last a lifetime! And if you have any doubts they believe that their product will last because they offer a replacement or a 100% refund (even including shipping!!!) if it does break! Elastic bands don't even have that gurarentee! So why not make a small investment that will last forever?

Click here to buy your Zannclip today and say goodbye to hair elastics forever!

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erica said...

wow great product!! i really want to try this out!! i will definetly go look on the site!! thanks so much!!