Thursday, August 13, 2009

Musette Jewelry Review!

I was lucky enough to do a review for Musette which is an Etsy store that makes amazing jewelry. Musette is the work of handmade jewelry by Shannon Conlin and her dedication to her designs shines in every single piece in her shop! When I was first approached by her to do a review I was very excited! I went over to her etsy shop and fell in love with so many of her pieces. They are great for everyday use and can really be considered to be the focal point of an outfit!

Shannon was so nice enough to send me a lovely piece to review. The review piece came in very nice packaging, a gift box with green paper accent and a nice brown ribbon that tied everything together nicely! This is so convenient if you want to gift one of her items because the wrapping is done for you!

(The bracelet I reviewed)

I received a very pretty bracelet that I have been wearing the past few days! It is a lovely bracelet that is made up of freshwater pearls that are dyed a vibrant olive green, and for an accent she has included three lovely Czech glass beads that are a lovely shade of honey amber. I really loved the clasp that she used for the bracelet, which was a wide oval, because it too made a nice accent because it was so different from a conventional clasp! The bracelet has great weight to it and I love mixing and matching it with other bracelets that I have, but it also looks amazing by itself as well.

Shannon really does have amazing pieces in her store right now she has so much selection and I love that so many of her pieces go so well together! I would have to say that my favourites would have to be the Ocean Breeze Necklace in a light ocean blue Lucite and brass; The Amazonite Leaf Necklace and the Wildflower Bracelet! If you love the bracelet that I reviewed Shannon has another bracelet that is very similar except that the pearls are gold instead of green and the Czech beads are green instead of gold! Worth checking out!

So head on over to Musette to do some drooling!!!


warmfuzzies said...

drooling already! I love jewlery and think taht one simple, elegant and lovely peice that is well made can make an outfit fabulous! I feel naked without at least earrings or a bracelt or necklace on. These peices are just lovely. Thank you for sharing.

The Giveaway Diva said...

ahha i totally get you warm fuzzies! I would feel so weird not having at least earrings on too! Jewelry can truly make or break an outfit!