Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Prizes!???!

I can't beleive it!! I drew a winner for the amazing Pretty Peacock Mini Sparklette Tag Earings and the person didn't respond, so I drew another winner and I emailed her. And she didn't respond either!!! I can't believe that this has happened!! Usually people respond so quickly when they won!! I'm going to try pulling another winner and hopfully this works! So the new and very final winner will be......

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Timestamp: 2009-10-01 05:45:32 UTC

so congrats swtbabylovechick!! you are the new winner!!! I'll be emailing you!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Busy!! But Once I Get Back.....

There will be a big surprise giveaway!! Valued at $130! As a hint your hair will be sleeky smooth!! So follow me if you want the extra two entries you gain for being a loyal follower!!!

I'll be back!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Re-Drawing Winner for Pretty Peacock!

Sadly Queeny never responded to me!!! So I am going to redraw the winner of the amazing Mini Sparklette Tag Earrings!!!!

The very luck new winner is.......

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Timestamp: 2009-09-25 03:49:32 UTC

Yay Grace!! You are the new winner!! I will be contacting you!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Lucky Ducks...aka Winners!!

Wow so many entries to these giveaways!! Will definetly do this again in the future since all the sponsors got hella crazy exposure!!!

I will be drawing two more winners today! The first winner is for the Jess LC earrings!
There were 477 entries in total!

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Timestamp: 2009-09-22 08:27:23 UTC

The lucky winner is: Malibu.bunny.xo!!!

And now moving on to the Edor giveaway! This giveaway was crazy!!! There were sooo many entries! In fact the giveaway with the most entries on my blog so far!!! You guys must really love Cindy's stuff! And I don't blame you! There were 1,048 entries in total!!!!!! CRAZY!!!

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Timestamp: 2009-09-22 08:35:22 UTC

The very lucky winner (and the envy of everyone) is: Erica L!!

Congrats ladies! I will be sending you an email! Please respond within 2 days or sadly I will have to redraw!! =(

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm going to post up some winners because I know you are all dying to know who were the winners of the huge giveaway event that I had!

I will do today and try to do more another day! I'm sorry I'm so busy!!!

So for the giveaway for the lovely Mini Sparklette Tags Earrings from the Pretty Peacock, there were a total of 581 entries!! Wo so many!

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Timestamp: 2009-09-21 03:37:17 UTC

The winner is......Queeny!

For the next giveaway of the Honey Drizzle from Bella Lucce, there were 488 entries!! Wow you guys really liked the prizes!

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Timestamp: 2009-09-21 03:39:01 UTC

The lucky winner is.......Cindy!!!

Congrats ladies!! I hope you enjoy your prizes!! I will be contacting you by email shortly!!!

LoveDBM Review

Today's review comes from a lovely etsy shop Love DBM whose lovely designer Melissa designs all of the jewerly featured in the Love DBM etsy shop! Melissa is a very talented designer and she is only eighteen! I have to say she is very professional and takes great care in her designs and customer service.

What I love most about her shop is that portions of proceeds donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! I love when stores donate some of their proceeds to a cause because it doesn't make me feel guilty when I spend money cause I get something pretty and it's for a good least that's what I'd like my mom to believe!

Melissa was so sweet to understand my situation of being so busy in school! I felt really bad since I was supposed to hold this review much earlier but Melissa was so understanding since she has school as well! She was so nice to send me one of her best sellers: The Buddha Bracelet in 14k Gold! A huge trend that is in Hollywood right now is the piles and piles of bracelets that celebs pile on their arms, seriously it looks like they get a workout everytime they lift thier arms up! And many celebs love the look of wooden bracelts with golden charms on it! Now for the most of us we may love this look, but we don't have the money to spend! Melissa's peices definetly offer a great and affordable option!

It didn't take me long to get the bracelet and Melissa even wrote me a very sweet note on Hello Kitty stationary!! I really love Hello Kitty so I felt that it was an awesome touch! At first I was afraid that the bracelt would be honking huge and be too obvious but I was so relieved and pleased to discover that the bracelet was very delicate and finely detailed! I really love the ebony beads and how they nicely highlight the little gold Buddha charm that is actually dipped in 14K gold and shines so bright! I loved the little Buddha charm that hangs from the braclet and I would say that Melissa was right in saying that he brought good luck! I really enjoy wearing this bracelet piled on with the other bracelets that I have, and I feel that it really does stand out nicely in contrast with the others.

I have had many nice compliments that the the charm is nice and shiny! I also loved that it fit on my hand! I have freakishly small wrists and it's often really hard to find bracelets that won't fall off my hand. I swear I have lost so many bracelets simply from it slipping off! =( The bracelet is on a 6.5 inch jelly cord which can stretch to accomodate any size wrist, meaning anyone and everyone can wear it!!!

Melissa has a small shop but what she lacks in size she makes up in quality! She really has some amazing designs in her shop and I really love all of the amazing colours and textures that are featured! I would have to say that my favourite peices would have to be her Mimosa bracelet that are made with tons and tons of amazing (200+ to be exact) swarovski crystals and glass beads!!

Make sure to check back soon to see how you can win the amazing bracelet that I was very lucky to review!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Giveaway Reminder!!!

The whole bunch of giveaways from my Giveaway Event will be ending soon!!! So don't forget to enter them! Or you will miss out on the opportunity to win some awesome prizes!!!

Look on the righthand sidebar to enter all the giveaways! There are nine!!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday Cuteness

AHHH I can't believe school is starting tomorrow! I definitely am not looking forward to going back! But what I am looking forward to is getting to see all my friends that I didn't get to see over the summer break! I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend! Are any of you going back to school tomorrow or have a child going back?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Win Adriana Castro's Meissa Python Hobo worth $1,900!

If you are in the United States and love bags then this giveaway is perfect for you! Head on over to the Bag Snob in order for a chance to win the Meissa Python Hobo worth $1,900!!! This bag is a favorite of Jennifer Lopez!

The great thing about this contest is that the winner will be chosen based on their comment! So if you can come up with a kick ass comment you could win!!!

Click here to enter!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Woah this is soooo delayed!! I appologize! But I drew the winners for the giveaway for the Tight Curves and the nuNAAT haircare!!

For Tight Curves the winner was:

Here are your random numbers: 58
Timestamp: 2009-09-01 12:02:41 UTC
That was Warm Fuzzies
For the nuNAAT haircare the winner was:
Here are your random numbers: 39
Timestamp: 2009-09-01 12:04:36 UTC
That was Salad For Breakfast!
Congrats to our winners! I will email you shortly!!!! Don't forget to enter all my other amazing giveaways!!!!