Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Winter....

You suck! Just thought I would throw it out there. Yes that puppy looks like he's having a fantabulous time frolicking in the snow, but what you don't know is that you caused his face to freeze like that!! Can't you see the fear and terror in his eyes?

Sure you may seem all innocent with your fluffy white poweder, but what you don't realize is that it builds up and it's cold and oh so wet! And not to mention it is impossible to do anything when all the cars are basically crawling. You may look pretty but when it all comes down to it if this was an elementry school game of dodgeball you would be the season that would be picked last. In fact the teams would fight about who would be stuck with you on their team.

Anyway as you can tell I'm not a big fan of winter right now and I guess the feeling is mutual because it is supposed to snow this weekend! Totally unexpected since most winters I don't see snow at all, just rain rain and more rain.

Thanks to all who wished me luck on my finals! I only have one left to go and then I'm on break and that means I get to update more which is something I want to do but don't have the time for! I also realzie that I don't talk a lot on here, which is too bad because I think I'm funny...I'm not the only one that thinks boyfriend thinks that too..but I think he's just saying that to make me feel better!

In other news, my sister was on the Skytrain tonight and was witness to this crazy fight and when one guy pulled out a knife, everyone ran for it. What I don't get and have always wondered is how the heck do guys carry knives? I mean it's not something that you can just put in your pocket and run out to door with....I mean ouch if you sat on it...but if more guys sat on their knives maybe we wouldn't have the problem of people whipping out knives to deal with confrontation.....its called conflict resolution....learn it and love it, and it will save you a trip to the hospital!

Hope you all are having a great Friday! All I can say is TGIF!

PS: Sorry for not being able to draw winners! There were way too many entries and I have way to much on my plate right now but I swear I will get the winners out by early next week! Pinky Swear!

PPS: Enter the contests that I have going on! =)


Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

I could have written a similar post but about summer. I absolutely hate it. It's to hot, to sweaty and there is a limit on how many clothes you can take off in public. Or at home really,even if you are sitting around naked it's still to damn hot!

I looooooove winter and fall! The clothes are bettet too. Seriously people, I don't want to see your callused icky feet and blubber belly under your 'cute' summer dress with flip flops.

*goes to drink gluhwein by the fire place*

Amo said...

It hardly ever snows here, so I'm hoping for lots of snow this year! Last year we had an ice storm and we didn't have power or heat for 8 days. That sucked. Our fish died. But, just regular old snow would be great!

Michelle said...

Yes winter sucks bigtime. I nearly wiped out on my front steps this morning, I was completely airborn for a second or two, then somehow managed to come down (on a different step!) in an upright position and regain my balance. Yay me. It would have been ugly.

glad to hear your finals are nearly over. I've got one week of class left this semester and I'm taking a concentrated 4 week class over winter break, so no break for me : (

prashant said...

if you are sitting around naked it's still to damn hot!

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