Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Have you Signed up to Win $200 in Cold Hard Cash??

Have you entered for this month's drawing yet??

I'm freaking out!!! This giveaway is amazing because it is for cold hard cash!!!! That's right ladies you can use this $200 any way you want!!! But I would suggest using it in LuShae Jewelry because you really get some quality jewelry! But if not there are tons of other ways to spend it too! That's 40 cups of your favorite Starbucks beverage, about 120 Coffee Crisps or three very fancy dinners!! As you can see there are tons of ways to spend $200!

The best part about this giveaway is that all that is required of you is to post one of their buttons on any networking site you like to spend (or waste) your time at. So post their button on your: blog, website or social profile page and the best part is that as long as you have their button up then you are eligable to be entered for this giveaway every month!! Seriously, it doesn't take very long to do and as a huge plus the buttons are drop dead funny:

Ahha this one is so going up on my blog!! I'm crossing my fingers that the boyfriend is secretly reading this blog behind my back and he will get the hint so I can get something sparkly for the next special occasion, but sadly he doesn't! =(

Ahha I can totataly relate to this!!! Seriously for the men out there....all girls love sparkly things! Not an iron or set of pans (although they can be nice too!)

Click here to enter and if you win you know who to thank!! =) Let her know that I sent you! =)


Anonymous said...

This would be WONDERFUL to win! Thanks so much for sharing it w/ us!

Anonymous said...

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