Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cream Perfume Company Review

Ever since I've found out the scary amount of harsh chemicals that can be found in conventional beauty and skincare products I have tried to broaden my sights on more organic and natural products. I want to ensure that what is going on my skin and is being absorbed in my body won't come back to haunt me later on!

That is why I was happy to do a review for which is the website for the Cream Perfume Company! This is a company that prides itself on maintaining a natural and organic stance when it comes to their various products. They refuse to use harsh chemicals in any of their products and are even certified by Ecocert (one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world) to be vegan, wheat and gluten free and does not contain glycol! So if you happen to be allergic to any of those products this line of skincare will be perfect for you! A huge plus in my book is that they do not perform animal testing of any kind! Yay for them!

The Cream Perfume Company only uses top quality ingredients and the amazing scent of their products is thanks to premium french made perfumes from Grasse. Many of you may be thinking where the heck is Grasse, but it happens to be the fragrance capital of the world! Bet you didn't know that! The Cream Perfume Company is available in many fine natural health stores as well as Sephora the go to place for beauty!

Using French certified oils and natures extracts. These body moisturizers prevent signs of aging and enhances tonicity, elasticity and has desired plump effects. It helps restore dehydrated, sore, damaged and inflamed skin. The line of moisturizers contains no parabens (preservatives) no sulfates, phthalate (typically added to increase flexibility), silicones, synthetic additives, or artificial fragrances.

I was sent a great assortment of their lovely products to test out for myself and I was very pleased with what they sent me! I was sent The Lavender, Rose and travel size Coconut Vanillie body moisturizers from their Body Lotions Line and their Raspberry des champs, Ylang Ylang d'amore and Mimosa bouquet from their Nuts Solid Fragrances Line.

Delivery was quick and it took less time then I expected! I was so excited to open up all of my goodies and to try them on! I have spend about a week and a half testing the products so that you guys can get my honest opinion, and my hands are pretty soft as I sit here typing up this review post! I loved the packaging of the lotions and fragrances. Even though the Rose and Lavender body moisturizers aren't travel sized they are still small enough to fit in a large purse. I loved how they were sealed because it ensured the fragrance. The body
moisturizes smell so good! They truly smell as if the roses and lavender was just picked and magically found themselves in the bottle! Sometimes with other lotions or skincare that have a rose or lavender smell, the smell can seem almost chemical like, but I didn't have that issue with The Cream Perfume Company moisturizers. My favorite moisturizer was the Travel Size Coconut Vanille Lotion it smelled so good! My boyfriend even asked me when I ate coconut when he smelled it on me! I just wish I had gotten the full size version because it was my favourite!

The super generous people over The Cream Perfume Company also sent me three of their Nuts (their solid fragrances) to try! Nuts is a range of little pots of travel-friendly solid scents formulated with natural and organic ingredients in a moisturizing base of sweet almond oil and beeswax. I love the packaging! It's nice light and compact and you can throw a bunch of them in your purse! I also love how it's made of wood! How adorable!

I would have to say my favorite one out of the three that they sent me was the Mimosa Bouquet , a light, pretty floral with notes of orange blossom, mimosa, gardenia and musk. It was a really nice light flowery scent that was not too overpowering and the scent lasts for a while! I also love it because it not only works as a perfume but as a moisturizer as well! The Raspberry des champs smelled like fresh raspberries with a twist!

Look at the adorable packaging!

Head on over to The Cream Perfume Company site to purchase your own The Cream Perfume Company products! As an added bonus they offer free shipping to both US and Canadian Residents! And we have a very special giveaway comming up soon where three of you get a chance to test out their products! So look out for that!


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