Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Good Talk Book Review

You do it, I do it, in fact we all do it. Okay maybe hermits or nuns who have taken a vow of silence don't do it, but the fact remains that the art of human conversation is one that we all possess and one that we use frequently in our daily lives. But have you ever stopped to really think about what talking is all about or even how it originated and progressed through out the ages? With the rising growth of email and text messages it seems that we as a generation are becoming more inclined to talk to a screen than to actually conduct a conversation face to face.

Information about the Book:

A GOOD TALK is an analysis of and guide to that most exclusively human of all activities-- conversation.

Drawing on over forty years of experience in American letters, Menaker pinpoints the factors that drive and enliven every good conversation: the vagaries (and joys) of subtext; the deeper structure and meaning of conversational flow; the subliminal signals that guide our disclosures and confessions; and the countless other hurdles we must clear along the way. Moving beyond self-help musings and "how to" advice, he has created a stylish, funny, and surprising book: a celebration of "the most exclusively human of all activities."

In a time when conversation remains deeply important-- for building relationships, for relaxing, even for figuring out who we are-- and also increasingly imperiled (with Blackberries and texting increasingly in vogue), A GOOD TALK is a refreshing celebration of the subtle adventures of a good conversation.

About the Author:

Daniel Menaker has been a part of America's life of letters for almost forty years. As a writer, he has met and talked to thousands of people about their work and their lives. He is widely read and well versed in psychological literature and practices and, as an editor at Random House, has had countless meetings and other exchanges with writers, agents, public figures, and ordinary people. His own writing has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times, and Slate; he lives in New York with his wife and their two children.

My Review:

I really enjoyed reading A Good Talk, actually more than I thought I would! I was afraid it would be another one of those textbook-like books and god knows as a university student I read enough textbooks as it is! But I was very happy to start reading the book and realize that although I was reading it was almost as if Daniel the authour was having a conversation with me about the topic of conversation. This book is well thought out and researched and I really loved how he added the whole history of conversation, from the beginings of mankind all the way to today. Daniel keeps the text relatable by adding in examples of conversations that he has had in the past and it is quite fascinating to read about what happened within the conversation.

A Good Talk is a refreshing take on a human interaction that we often overlook. This book is a great reminder that sometimes it is best to put down our phones, and close our emails and actually talk to a person face to face. This is one great lesson that I will take away from the book!

You can find A Good Talk at your nearest book retailer or online!

I'd like to thank Anna over at the
Hachette Book Group for giving me the opportunity to review such an interesting book!

*Disclosure: Please note that I was not given any monetary compensation in order to do this review. I was only sent a copy of A Good Talk in order to conduct a reliable review. All opinions expressed within this post are that of my own.

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