Monday, January 18, 2010

Lily Me Review

If you are looking for a great Valentine's Day Gift or just looking to expand your jewelry collection, Lily Me offers some amazing pieces.

Lily Me is a company that offers chic and trendy jewelry with great charms that can be personalized to suit the style of the wearer. As well as easily adjustible so that any wrist no matter how large or how small can be accomodated. The lovely jewelry from Lily Me is truly lovely and whimsicacal, there are no other words to describe it! While the charms are grown up, the colour of the cord you choose can really bring a punch of colour to your wardrobe! In fact there are 15 amazing colour cords to choose from ranging from fiery fushia all the way to classic black! Lily Me jewelry starts from $30 and goes up from there and nothing is over $100! I love how there are customized options and you can even personalize them with names and meaningful words to create a unique gift for the recipient. They have cute round and heart tags that can accomodate up to 9 characters!

Pieces from the Cord Collection

The choice of colours for your bracelet are endless!!

For those of you who aren't into the colour and prefer to keep things more classic and understated, Lily Me's Chain Collection also provides a great kick of style to any outfit. With Lily Me's delicate charms hanging off chain necklaces and bracelets!

Lovely pieces from The Chain Collection

I was so lucky to be able to recieve the 1 flat rose bracelet in sterling silver which is valued at a reasonable $45! What you are getting is a delicate rose-shaped charm mounted on a satin lace (choose your cord color when you order). Cord size is adjustable with slip knots. The colour that I choose was black because I wanted to wear it with many different occasions, and it was a classic colour!

My lovely bracelet came in a lovely silk organza pouch that was pink! You know how much I love me the colour pink! The packaging was clean and simple which was quite effective because all the emphasis was placed on the bracelet. I really liked how delicate the charm looked like as it was a cutout rose and while it looked delicate, don't let it decieve you because the charm is made of sterling silver!

I really appreciated the fact that it was adjustible because I have tiny wrists and hands so its often really hard for me to find bracelets that will not only fit but not slip off my wrist! I have tons of sad times when I would wear a bracelet and go home only to discover to my horror that the bracelet was gone! With Lily Me I have no fear of loosing my bracelet and that it will stay in place! Also if the bracelet gets wet it's easy to dry because it's made of satin, so if you have to wash your hands a lot or deal with wet situations this bracelet is perfect!

Look how great it looks with other bracelets!

My only complaint was very minor because at first I had some difficulties trying to adjust the slip knots by myself and was afraid that this would be a two person team activity, but don't be worried because once you get the hang of it you can easily adjust it with a few quick maneuvers! See very minor complaint that is easily fixed! And I think this is a very small price to pay considering that it is so easy to adjust so that everyone in your family can wear this bracelet from mom's wrists to little girls wrists. Even little kids will find this bracelet easy to adjust! I mean it's hard to find a bracelet that can do that without having to compromize the bracelet in any way such as taking out links and what not.

If you love Lily Me's beautiful jewelry as much as I do you should head over now and grab something for your loved one or even yourself! And The Giveaway Diva's readers can enjoy a 10% discount on anything on their site using the coupon code "thegiveawaydiva"! Lily Me has also been so generous in offering a giveaway of one of their lovely bracelets to one very lucky reader! So look out for that in the next week!


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