Monday, January 4, 2010

Review: Enstrom`s Toffee

You may not know this about me but I am a sugar fiend! I love sugar and chocolate and candy! I can not even begin to imagine what I would do if I had to give it up! I was so happy to chance upon Enstrom, because they specialize in yummy!

Enstroms first started over 60 years ago when the founder Chet Entstrom perfected an original recipe for almond toffee that was a hit with all of his friends and family. In fact the toffee is so amazing that the family still follows the same original recipe! I mean why mess with perfection! While their main focus is delicious almond toffee, Enstom has also expanded its product line by creating a delectable selection of fine chocolates, which like the toffee, is blended with only the freshest natural ingredients. I love that they only use natural ingredients because I like my junk food to be healthy! Enstrom is world famous and has gotten so many raves and great reviews from very reputable sources such as the New York Post and the Washington Times! All have tried it, have loved it!

Shipping was super duper fast! Like I was amazed at just how quickly my box of toffee came in the mail! I think it was less than two days! I was so amazed because I have never had anything that was shipped from the US to Canada arive in such a short amount of time! I can not even begin to imagine how fast shipping would be if you were located in the US! You would probably hear your door bell ring as soon as you placed your offer!

The lovely packaging

The box was still cold when I recieved it and I noticed that the box said to refrigerate or freeze the toffee as soon as I recieved it! The Almond Toffee is shipped frozen and travels very well even during the summertime when the candy will thaw during transit. This really shows you that Enstroms only use the best quality ingredients and no preservatives at all! I have never had to put almond toffee in the fridge before, so this was a very refreshing change! Best of all the toffee can be thawed and refrozen any number of times without damaging the product! Which is pefect if you cannot finish the box in one sitting....although you may be tempted to! Another thing that caught my eyes was the ingredient list because there were no ingredients that sounded foreign or complex chemical sounding at all! Just items you can find in your own kitchen.

The package was very well wrapped and vaccum seal packed in order to lock in freshness! I really loved just how pretty the packaging was, because it was a very classical look and it is perfect for whipping out during parties or as a hostess gift!

View of the toffee

When I oppened the package I was amazed at how good the toffee looked, I could see the milk chocolate layer with the light dusting of crushed almonds and it smelt sooooo delectable! When I broke off a piece I noticed that there was lots and lots of almonds embedded within the toffee! I love me almonds! I usually love to savour my sweets and let them melt in my mouth, and this is what I did with the toffee. The chocolate was nice and creamy, and the toffee was one of the best that I have had. It was nice and buttery and with sweet notes. The almonds were super crunchy which is a big plus in my books because I hate when almonds are too chewy or taste stale! But the almonds tasted as though they were freshly roasted.
Close up view of the almond toffee

Enstrom has so many packages and types of toffees and chocolates to make gift giving easy and they even do corporate gifts as well! Check them out so that you can drool over their out of the world creations! If you brought this toffee to your next gathering you will definetly be the most popular one there!

One lucky reader will get the chance to enjoy the delectable flavour of Enstroms World Famous Toffee because they will be sponsoring a giveaway! So look out for that soon!

Please Note: I was not given monetary compensation in order to do this review. Enstrom sent me a box of their toffee so that I could conduct a valid and in-depth review. All ideas and opinions expressed within this post are that of my own.


Splendid Little Stars said...

I've had their toffee, given to me by a friend. It's delicious!

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. Thank you.