Monday, February 22, 2010

Computer Troubles

I am having a frustrating time trying to get my laptop to work!!! The wireless switch does not seem to be working at it is totally aggravating! I'm so frustrated because all the pictures that I have taken in order to do my reviews on are on my laptop and I can't get it to work so I might just have to stick with pictures taken from the company's website instead of using my own! It sucks because I love incorporating my own pictures of me modeling the items mixed in with the more professional pictures.

As for the Clutch That! Giveaway I know many of you are eagerly awaiting and I have gotten emails but you have to excuse me since there were so many entries I have to tally them all! So please be patient and give me two more days!!! Hopefully I can fix my laptop mess, but until then please bear with!

1 comment:

Jenni said...

must be something in the air - my laptop is having issues as well. i was half way through my lesson plans yesterday when it decided to no longer work. when i rebooted i got a grey screen with a file folder box that had a question mark on it? so confusing. now i just hope that work can fix that one!

good luck to your and your laptop! i feel your pain!