Friday, February 26, 2010

Get your Lifestyle and Fashion Fix all in One Place!

I really enjoy keeping up to date on the latest fashion and lifestyle news and trends and I have a great amount of different sites that I usually like to refer to in order to keep me up to date. StyleCaster is one of those great sites that allows me to do both!

Some great features of StyleCaster that I would love to share with you is their Explore Looks function where you can basically explore the latest fashions and discover innovative and creative ways in combining trends together! I loved how the models actually moved and you were a given a 360 degree look of the outfit so that you could see what the back looked like! Because as we all know our back can be just as important as what is in front. Sometimes we are given all these trends to look out for, but we don't know exactly how to pull it off. I felt that this was a great resource in trying to help me find out what works with what.

StyleCaster also has helpful links that allows you to go directly to the sites that sell the items that are featured in each outfit. So if something catches your eye yo u can easily purchase it straight from the source instead of having to search for it.

Another feature I really liked was Daily Mirrors in which everday women can display their own sense of style and their own take on trends. It was really great to see how they would wear a certain thing and it really gave me a lot of great ideas on new ways to wear things!

And for my readers residing in the UK I really enjoy keeping up to date with all the latest style and fashion tips that include stores that can only be found in the UK! A great resource for this is Fashion Chicks a great resource for the latest great ladies fashion ideas and best of all the currency of the items featured are all in pounds so no need for pesky converting of dollars!!

Disclosure: This review was brought to you by the lovely people at StyleCaster


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FineNaturalHairandFaith said...

umm while i know fashion is definitely subject to the one wearing them, who would wear some of those outfits??? Really, if you are working class you can't wear any of that to your office. Maybe the teens like it?

Anonymous said...

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