Monday, February 15, 2010

Glasses USA Review

I am usually a contact kinda gal, and I haven't had a new pair of glasses since about Grade Eight! That's a really really long time! My eyes haven't changed too much and I would use the glasses when I was at home bumming around in sweats and what not. The problem with my glasses was that I choose them in Grade Eight and what may have been the in-style for glasses at that time looks totally ridonkulous by today's standards. But I never got a new pair because I couldn't justify the costs of getting a new pair while at the same time getting contacts.

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to try out a pair of glasses compliments of Glasses USA and I was very pleased with the experience that I had. Glasses USA is such a great site because they offer stylish glasses at dirt cheap prices! And I'm not just talking the frames, but a complete pair of glasses! The cheapest pair that they have rings in at an unbelievable $18!!!! Seriously if you gave up five coffees at Starbucks you could have a pair of glasses! And if your thinking that the glasses would have to be butt ugly rejects that no one wanted, you are so wrong because they are so cute and stylish! I mean look at the Maya!

The Maya is only $18!!!

I had some reservations about ordering a pair of glasses online because I was afraid that they would not fit or that it would be difficult to order something like glasses online. I mean it's hard enough when you go to an actual store and have the rows of glasses on the wall. But my experience with Glasses USA was very easy. If you buy over $100 you get free shipping and they also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Taken from their website:

We do our best at to ensure that all frames and lenses are produced to perfection and according to the prescription and specific needs and of our customers. Our optical experts put each pair of eyeglasses through our 5-Stripe process of excellence in order to inspect the accuracy of the prescription lenses and the frame alignment. We offer our customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because we have confidence that you will love our products! If for any reason, our eyeglasses did not meet your standards, you may return them for an eyeglasses exchange or a refund.

So you can rest easy that you can change your mind if you don't like your glasses.

My Review:

It took me a while to decide what pair to get since there are hundreds of options of frames that are available from Glasses USA. They were all under $100 which was quite crazy for me since I've never seen a pair of glasses that could be that cheap before! I finally decided upon the Yoshi Ayaka - 3064 which has a retail price of $150 but was only $84.95 on the Glasses USA site.

They came quite quickly and was included in a very special Glasses USA case that included a polishing and cleaning cloth for the glasses. I was very happy when i put them on because they fit well and was the right prescription as well. The glasses are described as being a cat eye frame and while they appeared to be black in the picture on the website, they are actually a nice shade of eggplant.

I know that when ever I need to buy a pair of eyeglasses I will never buy them the conventional way again! Instead I'm going to be buying my next pair from Glasses USA!

Click here to start shopping!

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of glasses from Glasses USA in order to conduct my review. I discovered the company through my membership with The Product Review Place. I was not compensated for writing this post and all views and opinions expressed within this post are that of my own.


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