Friday, February 26, 2010

Cafe Press

I was looking for a fun t-shirts online when I came across this great site Cafe Press! It's really hard to find a great place for funny or even humor t-shirts so I was really happy when I found Cafe Press!

I love t-shirts in fact they have such a great history! You can find out more about t-shirts by clicking the link! I really liked finding out more!

Cafe Press has so many great t-shirts and in fact they have many items tied in the most popular movies and television shows! They have such items that feature movies such as Twilight, and such television shows as Grey's Anatomy! I love that their site is so easy to navigate and you can easily find the type of shirt that you are looking for in the many categories that are featured including: Love, Pets and Food and Drink!

Cafe Press even offers a great service which is customized t-shirts! And t-shirts aren't the only thing that they are able to customize! They have tons of items ranging from hoodies, bags, and mugs! This is a great resource if you need customized items for your company or just want to add a unique flair! They even have home decor!

Cafe Press is definitely a site you should check out!

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w said...

i'll have to check them out. that cat shirt is hilarious.

and i totally rawr at people all the time.