Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cutest Finds on Etsy! Special Sunday Cuteness Edition!

I love Etsy! It's a great place to find almost anything from jewelry to clothing. It's always amazing to see the amount of talent people have! Here are some of my picks of the Cutest Finds on Etsy for a Sunday Cuteness with a twist!

Knitting Dreams shop has the cutest teddy bears that I have seen in a long while! In this case look at the adorable dog! Love his little red scarf! Click here to see all the other cute animals featured in this talented artists shop!

Love this cute little bunny which would be a perfect grown up Easter gift!! The best part is that the cute little lamb costume this bunny is sporting can be taken off! Check out more adorable bunnies from Moon's Creations here!

Aww look at the cute guinea pig....but wait! It's not real!! That's right this cute plushie is handmade by the very talented Morumoto! The best part are the prices!! This cutie is only $25!!! Click here to check out all the other adorable plushies in stock!

I love the amazing talent of KaysK9s, where she specializes in making adorable animals in felt! That's right she makes all her amazing animal figures from felting them!! Look at the amazing detail of this panda! I can't get over how real like it is! Click here to check out more of her amazing figures! Dog lovers be warned, once you get a glimpse of her dogs you will be opening up your wallets!

It's a dinosaur costume for guinea pigs!!! This is so unique and fun and comes from the shop Janis Carleton Allen. Click here to go to her shop to check out more adorable costumes!!

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Joyce said...

omg that guinea pig costume is so cute! very funny!