Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cheeky Umbrellas Review

Vancouver has lately been hit with a bunch of freak storms with lots of rain which is no fun! However my pain at having to trek around in the rain disappeared instantly when I realized that I could finally use my new Cheeky Umbrella!

Cheeky Umbrellas are the brainchild of Jen Zurowski who before she moved to Vancouver BC never even owned an umbrella!!! It must have been a huge shock for her when she moved because as a born and bred Vancouverite even I'm not used to all the rain we get! After she searched high and low for an umbrella that was sturdy and strong while still reflecting her style and personality, she came up with Cheeky Umbrellas!

Cheeky Umbrella manufactures rain umbrellas for women and children that are designed to brighten rainy days. Each umbrella has: a stylish design to make you look and feel good, a sassy statement to bring a smile to your face, and strength to keep you dry and protected. Cheeky Umbrella's products are based on a belief in embracing and enjoying the rain!

Cheeky Umbrella's children line is so adorable because they offer such sassy sayings as 'If you can read this, I'm not muddy enough'; 'Warning: I splash'; and 'Rain or shine, I'm still cute'. But more importantly the umbrellas also encompass safety as well as style, coming in light-coloured fabric with reflective trim making little ones more high visable on grey days.

Cheeky Umbrella also has an amazing warranty attatched to their umbrellas because they truly believe in their product. So much in fact that they believe that with proper care your Long, Bridal, Golf and/or Kids’ Cheeky umbrella can provide a lifetime of rain protection, and as a result, these umbrellas carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover regular wear and tear, improper use, or improper care.

My Review:

I go through umbrellas like nobody's business! When you live in an area where it rains more than there is sun you really do need an umbrella! And I'm so used to crap umbrellas that at a hint of wind fold over in defeat. That is why I was so thrilled to be able to review a Cheeky Umbrella of my own!

The shipping was so quick and the umbrella came in a large box so that it would be nicely protected. I was so excited when I received it because I chose the Long Umbrella Rain Delayed Umbrella which cheekily says: "I'm not late, I'm rain delayed!" The umbrella features a cute flower design on a classic black umbrella with a bright and cheery blue interior that has the cheeky saying. I love how the handles are easy on the hands and just how strong the umbrella feels! You can actually feel it when you open up the umbrella!

The quality is truly amazing on this umbrella! I'm so used to getting cheapo umbrellas that do not hold up at all and when the wind comes are totally unreliable! I realize that I have spent a small fortune when it comes to umbrellas and now I am trying to revise my spending habits by purchasing items that may be a bit more pricier but will last longer and has better quality! And I'm so glad that I can rest easy knowing that there is a great warranty protecting my umbrella!

Click here to purchase your very own Cheeky Umbrella or look out for a giveaway sponsored by the lovely Jen soon!

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Sandy a la Mode said...

i need a new lovely umbrella!! these are indeed cheeky! have a great weekend! xo