Friday, June 18, 2010

For the Very Special Father: Splurge Save Steal

This special edition of Splure Save Steal is dedicated to all of the Father's out there! The one's who cheer you on and are there for you every step of the way. Here are some gifts that would be perfect for that special dad in your life


These are pretty cool whiskey stones from Think Geek will ensure your dad's whisky stays nice and cool without thining it out like ice does! (here)

This motorized tie rack is perfect for the dad who likes to remain organized! It's also a great help when he's late for work! $39.99 (here)

For the dad who loves fashion and being comfortable at the same time, give him the gift of customized Chuck Taylors just the way he wants them! $62.00 (here)


For the Dad that loves to grill, this basket is jam packed with everything he could ever ask for! And the best part is that you will get some delicious BBQ!! $98.95 (here)

Give dad a well deserved break with this massaging bed rest! His sore back will thank you! $99.00 (here)

For the dad who loves to stay connected to technology, ensure that his gadets will always be charged. $89.50 (here)


For the dads that love to golf this is perfect because it's a golf swing recorder and it can help your dad improve his game! $349.99 (here)

Ensure that Dad captures all the important moments in life with this amazing JVC High Definition Camcorder. $1285.95 (here)

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J. said...

I love the whiskey stones! Great idea!