Monday, June 7, 2010

Monave Mineral Makeup Review

I have recently jumped onto the mineral make up bandwagon and with so many great reasons to ditch the conventional over the counter make up and turn to more organic and natural options, it's hard not to to want to take the plunge. Monave is an amazing company that is fully dedicated to providing mineral make up that is totally wearable and good for your skin.

With summer just around the corner Monave has come out with some great shades to get you ready for summer dates and days on the beach. I don't know if you know but there are so many harmful ingredients that can get you sick or cause skin problems in regular makeup that you buy from your local drugstore or over the co unter at your local department store. Some of the ingredients sound so harsh and are even unpronounceable! Monave is different in that they have a full ingredient disclosure so you know exactly what you are going to put on your face! Some
people may think that hey I'm not ingesting these products but fail to realize that the skin is an absorbing layer that can't effectively block toxins from leeching into your system!

Monave has great ingredients that are derived from organic botanical origins and they are completely gluten free and are 95% vegan! They chose the highest quality ingredients not because they want the good press (although they get a big thumbs up from me!) but simply because they want to ensure the health and performance of their products. If you are an animal lover, Monave refuses to test any of their products on any of our furry friends and their amazing make up brushes are not made of any animal products.

Monave actually stands for MOdern NAtural and VErsatile! What a neat play on words that accurately describe Monave and all their products! Monave is also reasonably priced so you don't have to pay a huge price for swapping to mineral!

My Review:

Monave is always generous when it comes to blog reviews and this time was no different. They sent me a selection of products that feature some of their newest shades for Spring and Summer. I chose to go the more dramatic route and chose to review the trio of vibrant eyeshadows that include: Carnelian (a orangey brownish shade), Tourmaline (A dark greenish with multi-colour undertones) and Dragonfly (a deep vibrant purple). I also got the chance to try out their great lip colours, Rose Quatz which is a soft pink shade and Crimson Agate which is a rich Cranberry!

I just love the packaging of the products! The lip glosses came in the most cutest little tubes that are perfect for a few applications and the eye shadows came in great plastic containers that were stackable!

I love that the eyeshadows are stackable because you can easily change up the colours that you decide to throw into your bag! You can choose to only use one shadow or use all three! They also have a great design with the shadows only having three very small openings where you can shake out the amount of product that you need so that you don't have any wastage! I know when I used to have eye shadows where there was just a huge opening I would waste a lot of my make up.

I love the coverage of Monave's eyeshadows because they are easy to use and blend. Also I hate when eyeshadows are too light or do not offer enough colour but you don't have to worry with Monave's eyeshadows because they are easy to make darker or lighter depending on the application process that you use. I also noticed that there was no creasing and it stayed on for quite a long time! Wish the picture was better but the colours were super pretty on my eyes! I still need to find a way in which to take a good self shot of my eyes!

Again these were the cute little tubes that the lip glosses came in! This is not the actual size that you would get from ordering online but rather for samples! I really loved the colours that was featured in these lip glosses and although they were small they packed a heavy punch. The colour glided on smoothly and it was very long lasting. There was minimal need for retouching even after eating and I loved the deep red. They also didn't have a funky taste that you sometimes get with other lip glosses.

So head on over to Monave Mineral Makeup today to try out their amazing selection of makeup and skincare!

*Disclosure: I was sent the items featured in the review from the PR department of Monave. I was in no way monetarily compensated to write this post so all expressions and opinions expressed within it are that of my own.

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