Monday, June 7, 2010

You Can Advertise Your Giveaway With Me! =)

Hey all you awesome readers! Hope you are enjoying the sun wherever you may be! I just wanted to let all of you newbies to my site know that there are many awesome ways in which you can advertise your own giveaways here on The Giveaway Diva! =) There are many options actually come to think of it =)

1) You can shoot me an email either through my Submit Your Giveaway Link or you can email me =)

2) You can post up your giveaway on my facebook page! =)

What better way to help out my fellow bloggers then to help that promote their own contests! All I ask in exchange is that you follow my blog, or like my facebook page or add my button to your blog roll! =)

Also note that I do edit my facebook so please only post up one ad of your giveaway! Don't spam my wall! I will be using the delete button if need be!

1 comment:

Japanese Trends said...

I didn't know that permanent giveways exist ?