Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blush Spot Review

Blush Spot is an amazing shop full of beautiful and sparkly jewelry featuring amazing coloured gemstones and in sparkly gold and silver. It is the handy work of two friends Erica and Diana.

I really enjoy how Erica and Diana photographs their jewelry, they adds in such elements as shells, coral, sand and leaves. This attention to small details and how she markets Blush Spot products is also reflected in the jewelry that she creates. Beyond gorgeous!

Blush Spot features great earrings, necklaces and bracelets and offers many great options in silver and gold. I really love how she uses amazing looking gems such as pearls, mystic quartz, aquamarine, agate, chalcedony and so much more. I think Erica and Diana have an almost magical power in which they combines colours that when you first hear about, you would swear that they would clash. But Blush Spot features such colour combinations as red and turquoise or orange and green, and you can't help but love the mix.

There are many affordable options to be found in Blush Spot so if you are looking for a great gift, a perfect piece for a wedding or just a little gift for yourself, you can be sure that you'll find some great classic designs from Blush Spot

My Review:

Erica and Diana was so kind in offering something for me to review! I was so excited when I received my package and opened it up because Blush Spot has the cutest packaging! The box that the necklace came in had more than enough room for more than one necklace and this is perfect to ensure that there won't be any nasty tangles!

I was sent an amazing necklace which is 14k Gold filled with Faceted Aquamarine Rondelles.

The necklace is beyond sparkly! I'm sure that you can see some of the sparkle in the closeup picture that I took, but the picture doesn't justify how sparkly this necklace really is! When I stand in the sun the aquamarine rondelles actually shoot out rays of sparkles! Kind of like a prism!

This is how the necklace sits when you wear it, I think that it is the perfect length and it was really great layered! I really love the look of bar necklaces and I think that this would look so amazing layered with any of the other bar necklaces that Blush Spot offers. And I just realized how ugly my chin looks all wrinkly because I tried to get it out of the picture so it wouldn't look like I have a double chin...which I don't! =(

I was also sent these amazing earrings that are feature sterling silver hooks with an amazing blue fire agate with tiny blue topaz rondelles as accents. These earrings are super sparkly and I love how the agate features white inclusions that make it so interesting! Blush Spot offers many variations of this earrings in great colour combinations. These would look so great on! (Special hint: You might see these earrings appearing in another special post soon!)

Blush Spot has a great sale going on right now where you can get tons of amazing pieces and deeply discounted prices! So head on over to check out what Blush Spot has to offer!

Erica and Diana has also been so generous in offering a great giveaway of an amazing Blush Spot piece, so look out for that soon!

*Disclosure: Please note that Blush Spot sent me items in which I could conduct a fair and detailed reviews. No other monetary compensation was offered and all opinons expressed within this post are that of my own.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jeneri Jewelry Giveaway!

As many of you who frequent my blog know, I love love love jewelry! I just love the look of handstamped and personalized jewelry because I love something that is uniquely mine. That is why I wanted to introduce you to Jeneri Jewelry because it is such a great shop full of beautifully handstamped jewelry.

Jeneri Jewelry is the creation of Jen who lovingly creates each piece by hand. She strives to create fun, functional, beautiful, quality jewelry at affordable prices. She offers classic pieces that will be a staple of your daily wardrobe. Using only the finest materials available such as sterling silver, gold fill, pearls and gemstones Jen ensures that each piece she makes will stand the test of time and that it will age nicely with love. Jen offers such great items as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and she has both handstamped and non-handstamped jewelry.

Jeneri Jewelry also has a great section of charms and dangles which offers whimsical charms and lush gemstones that are priced affordably from $5 that would make a lovely addition to any piece that you may buy. This is a great and affordable option to personalize your piece any way you would like it.

The great thing about Jeneri Jewelry is that it offers so much more than just jewelry! They also offer great bags, scarves, and belts which are crafted by Jen's mom Louisa, who has more than 50 years of sewing and knitting experience. The belts, scarves and bags are so well made and are done up in such cheery colours that it really offers something unique and lovely.

Let's get to know Jen better through her interview:

Name: Jen Neri
Name of shop: Jeneri Jewelry
Location: Chicago, IL

Favorite item from your shop: I love wearing anything personalized, but my current favorite is actually the "Miraculous Medal - Virgin Mary - Sterling Silver Necklace". I always feel better when I wear it, and it looks great layered!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm the youngest of 4, and will always remind my siblings that they're older than me (as an adult I find great joy in this, as a kid I hated being the youngest!). I have my Masters degree in Audiology (hearing and balance), but am paying back my student loans with money I earn from jewelry. I am truly blessed with having a wonderful, supportive husband, and an incredibly smart and adorable son :)

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment? My son!

When and what made you want to open up your shop? We moved from Ohio to Chicago, and I decided to stay at home with our young son, instead of working outside the home. After about 2 weeks, I realized I needed a hobby! A bead shop was within walking distance from our house, and my obsession with jewelry making began (I've had an obsession with wearing jewelry long before that!). Within 6 months I took a metal class and learned the basics of using a blow torch - and it really took off from there! My shop opened in Sept. 2007, and people began to take notice in the spring of 2008.

Tell us a little bit more about your creation process: I enjoy playing with metal. I've never been formally taught, so some of my methods may be a bit unconventional. A few of my most popular designs (personalized distressed pendants) began as mistakes, so the "trial and error method" of design has treated me well!

Where do you draw inspiration for all your amazing designs? Many of my designs have come from customers that have an idea of what they'd like, but can't find. I love the thrill of collaborating, and bringing an idea to life. My personal style is classic and simple. I think that's reflected in many of my pieces. I've found that customers like jewelry that can be worn everyday, casual or dressy.

If you could be an animal what would you be and why? A pretty song bird. Not a vulture type of bird, but one that is colorful and enjoys sitting at a feeder. That's me... I'd like to sit at a table with a prepared breakfast - and the bonus would be having the ability to fly.
If you could have one super power what would it be and why? Endless energy, with the ability to fall asleep when I want to.

You can also find out more great information about Jeneri Jewelry through their new facebook page!

My Review:

Jen was so lovely in order to agree to do a review on The Giveaway Diva! I loved the look of her handstamped disc necklaces and asked her if I would be able to review one with my name on it. And I chose the Large Sterling Silver Beaded Pendant and Necklace.

I loved the way in which the necklace was packaged! Packaging and the presentation of an item is so important in making a lasting and memorable first impression and Jen's got it down pack! The box in which the necklace came in is perfect for gift giving and it's such a pretty colour too and goes well with the green theme of Jeneri Jewelry's brand.

Jen was so sweet in adding a pearl to my necklace and I think that it is such a sweet detail to the necklace.

I loved that this necklace came on a 16" chain because I have a bunch of other necklaces that are on an 18" chain so that means that it is easier for layering a bunch of necklaces which a hot trend at the moment. I have a bunch of other disc necklaces and this necklace goes nicely with the rest. I love that the silver disc is super shiny in fact so shiny that it's like a mirror! I also love the look of the great round beaded border. I also love the chain that it came with because it was nice and delicate.

I have gotten many great compliments on this necklace and hey if I ever got amnesia at least with this necklace around my neck I would at least know one thing: my name!

The Giveaway:

Jen has been so awesome to offer to also sponsor a great giveaway courtesy of Jeneri Jewelry! Jen has agreed to giveaway the 3/4 sterling silver beaded pendant and necklace which is similar to mine! This necklace features a hand-stamped and oxidized sterling silver pendant. It measures 3/4 inch in diameter. Any word or letter combination of up to 6 letters (2mm) , 3 letters (4mm or 6mm), one 9mm letter, or a combination will fit beautifully. It hangs from a basic sterling silver chain, in your choice of either 16 or 18 inch.

This giveaway is valued at $50 and will end on August 30th so plenty of time to enter! And the best thing is that it's open to everyone!! =)

How to Enter:

Visit Jeneri Jewelry and comment on one other piece of jewelry that you love for one entry! (Note that you must do this before any further entries can count!)

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*Disclosure: Jeneri Jewelry sent me a necklace so that I could conduct a fair and detailed review. No other monetary compensation was offered.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Orient CDB02001B Watch Giveaway!

This is the second time that Orient Watches has hosted a giveaway on my blog and I'm so glad to work with them once again because we had such a great response for their last giveaway!

Orient Watches has two great sites that help you in your quest to find the perfect watch for not only for men but for women as well! They have a great blog which specializes in all the latest trends in Men's Watches! Some of the watches that has caught my eye is the CETAE001B and the CDB02001B! I love the big bold look of it yet the leather band allows for it to be soft enough to be worn by a women!

Also if you head on over to their main site you can sign up to get a very special mystery package that includes something special such as keychains, stickers, tools, coupons and much more!! But one of the most exciting things is that there can be a watch in your special mystery package!

The Giveaway:

Orient Watches has kindly offered to give one lucky Giveaway Diva Reader the lovely Orient CET07001B! Super snazzy watch! This watch would look amazing on any wrist !

Some of the watch’s features are the following:

  • Day-Date Functions
  • Orient 3-Star
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Screw Caseback
  • Water Resistant 50m
  • Fully AutomaticBand is adjustable with a fold over buckle
It has a retail value of $140!!!!!

And boos! The giveaway is only for residents in the US! Sorry my lovely international readers that's the sponsors rules! =(

This giveaway will conclude on August 20th!

How to Enter:

1) Visit the Orient Watch website and comment on one other watch that you love for one entry! (Note that you must do this before any further entries can count!)
2) Blog about this giveaway! Include the link back to the giveaway post as well as a link to Orient Watches ( Do this and you get six extra entries!
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Pyknyk Review

Finding a stylish diaper bag is difficult, finding a diaper bag that you will want to use long after your baby has grown up is almost impossible that is why Pyknyk is such a great option for mothers out there who are looking for a diaper bag that can double as a tote as well.

Pyknyk is pronounced like Picnic and is the creation of two sisters who spent their childhood growing up in exotic locations thanks to the nature of their parent's work. These experiences later inspired them into making and starting up their own company.

Each Pyknyk bag is named after cities that the two sisters have either lived in - or visited and loved - because it helped them learn, through first hand experience, that every corner on Earth is truly unique and inherently beautiful. In this spirit, they dedicate Pyknyk to all unique and beautiful moms experiencing the excitement of motherhood who feel, that life can continue to be a Pyknyk after Baby comes along.

They offer two great styles of bags the Paris and the London. And each bag is made with high quality fabrics and offers great little details that every mom can appreciate.

My Review:

I was so lucky to have the chance to review one of Pyknyks amazing bags! I got the chance to review one of their London Cork totes and I decided to do my review on the London Desert Night

I love the look of this bag! It looks so organic and it's quite different from other bags out there! The cork really adds such a great dimension to the bag and a lot of my friends commented over just how cool they thought my bag was! Now I don't have a child in order to use this as a diaper bag but I know that when I do have children I will definitely use this bag as a diaper bag because it's just so convenient. I will be doing my review with a twist and showing you how this bag can be used after your child is no longer in diapers!

Some details about the bag:

*Genuine Cork (face of tote only) and Cotton Canvas bag with water resistant lining *4 large pockets inside to hold diapers, wipes, and lotions *2 inside mesh pockets to hold bottles *13" x 22" Polyester Changing Pad *Large back pocket to hold pad *Extra long Key Fob *Pacifier Loop *Removable stroller straps *Bag size: 13” (height) x 17” (top) / 11" (base) x 4.5” (depth at base) *Weight: 12 oz

This bag is so great for organizing because it has so many great pockets in which you can store items. I found this so useful because I could put the smaller things that usually get lost in my purse in the smaller pockets so they would easily be in reach. I know that the pockets are for such things as diapers, snacks or baby bottles but they can easily be used to store water bottles, wallet, make up and keys. I also love the inside of the bag because it's easy to clean and waterproof so perfect for spills or leaks.

I have used this bag as a beach bag and I find that it's so perfect! I even got creative and used the baby's change mat as a mat to sit on so that my butt wouldn't get dirty. I really enjoy toting this bag along and I think that it makes for a stylish bag no matter if it's being used as a diaper bag or just a bag that you tote around.

Like the bag? Well Pyknyk is being so awesome in offering a bag to one lucky The Giveaway Diva Reader! So look out for that giveaway soon!

*Disclosure: I was sent the above item from Pyknyk in order to conduct a review. Please note that I was not offered any other additional compensation.