Friday, July 2, 2010

Cafe Press Review

I love wearing t-shirts that are funny or have a sweet message on them and I was so excited when I discovered the great website Cafe Press. The great thing is that you can basically customize almost anything!

The great thing about Cafe Press is that they literally have thousands of great designs that they feature on tons of great merchandise. Did you know that CafePress offers the biggest selection of items ranging from posters, t-shirts, mugs, aprons, clocks, totes plus much more? And you can make a choice of choosing already made designs or they have a new function where you can make your own! This is perfect for those who would like something special done up but can't find the design anywhere! It's also great for companies or teams who would like to create special merchandise for specific needs without having to pay hefty set up costs to make the designs.

All of their products are made with the highest quality and are 100% customizable to fit your individual taste. Whether you are purchasing something for yourself, family, friends, co-workers the possibilities are endless. I love the make your own t-shirt design option! Even if you have never designed anything before their easy-to-use design tools are very easy to use. But if you would like to add a special touch to your gift you can add a personal photo with a quick upload from your PC.

You can learn more about CafePress by visiting or to stay updated you can also follow them on twitter @cafepress or fan them on facebook.

My Review:

I was so lucky in order to be able to do a review for Cafe Press. They sent me two great items in order to help get the word out on their Organic and sustainable products. They have some really great designs and tons of design options. It took me such a long time to narrow down my choices because there were so many great options! I wanted to pick so many great designs and this will definitely be a site that I check out to make gift purchases! They have so many great personalized gifts that you don't need to go anywhere else if you want unique gift items.

I got to choose out an organic tee of my choice and it took me so long to finally decide! I in fact had a whole list of possible options but I finally decided upon the adorable Confection Affection tee!

I love me some cupcakes so this was the perfect shirt for me! This great shirt was printed on an organic fitted tee. At first I was worried because they only offered small and I usually get my t-shirts in extra small because smalls are usually too big, but Cafe Press uses American Apparel shirts which are fitted to begin with! They even have an in-depth fit guide to tell you exactly how the t-shirt measures and you will not have to worry! The shirt was super soft and the amazing design was well made. I love that you can get any design on an organic tee in addition to a regular tee.

The second item that I got to review was an organic tote bag! This was also a very hard decision but I finally decided upon the Panda Pupo tote bag! I really love this design because it's so cute and I just love pandas! I thought the tote would be small by looking at it on the website, but when I got it I was pleasantly surprised because it was actually quite large! You could fit a lot of items in this tote which makes it perfect for the beach because you don't have to worry about it getting dirty! I also think that is so well made and very durable and will last for a long time! This bag is also a perfect substitute for plastic bags!

Look out for a great contest sponsored by Cafe Press soon! =)

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