Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Google Smoogle

I was just hanging on Google Analytics being all cool and what not..when I was curious to find out how people actually find my site. There is a nifty little tool called Google Analytics and if you are a blogger you should get to know Google Analytics because it will be your best (bloggy) friend.

So I have read on other blogs about how they looked up what type of keywords or phrases that people typed up in Google that directed them to their site. Some of them are pretty hilarious, so being the curious little blogger that I am I decided to go a sleuthing...and I was pretty disappointed! I got relatively tame ones so where are the keywords of "magic clown masks" or "unicorn butt dances"? I guess if I want to get cooler keywords I should slip in a few crazy comments once in a while so that bored people who google random stuff will somehow find my lovely blog. Like maybe if I added: Chuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerky (you get the all powerful Chuck Norris and beef jerky: A winning combination) Justin Bieber's Home address (imagine how many screaming tweens will have their hopes crushed when they realize that I don't actually have it) or Why won't my parakeet eat my diareah (Poor parakeet!)

(There really are no words)

But here are some of the keywords that people used in order to find my site:

Barn Diva Necklaces:

No Matter if you a giveaway diva or a diva who likes to farm you got to be glamourous....that's why they are coming out with a coture line of barn diva necklaces that feature such things as barns, tractors and chickens. Look out for this edgy new line at a fine retailer near you

Bunny Dresses:

I love bunnies and I didn't know that they actually make dresses for bunnies! Maybe my love for bunnies and dresses have finally come together to create the pure awesomeness that is Dresses for Bunnies!

Diva Peacock:

I would love to see what a Diva Peacock looks like! Probably is covered in glitter and bejazzled

Is a Polar Bears skin Black:

I have no clue how this came about since I don't think I've ever talked about Polar Bears. And just FYI Polar Bears do have black skin!

Palm tree giveaway:

(I actually did a search and my site came up second on google images! Thank god no one gives away palm trees!)

This would be one heck of a giveaway....can you imagine the shipping costs associated with a palm tree giveaway? Imagine getting that on your doorstop?

Susan Sperry married Whistler British Columbia

(All I can say is Susan is one lucky lady...imagine waking up to that every morning!)

I guess I do talk about Whistler a fair deal but I don't know a Susan Sperry and I didn't know you could get married to a place....

So What crazy keywords have you found that people use to go to your site on Google Analytics? If you haven't checked it out I highly suggest that you do for a good laugh or two!

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Faith J. said...

I just started my blog a little while ago and added Google Analytics to it this week! Didn't know about the keywords, I'll have to add some!