Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Camera is not Working!

So sad but my camera is messed up and that is why the posts have been few and far away recently! I am trying to resolve the issue so please hang on tight! I should have a new post up tomorrow on a great review that I did!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! What did you do? I ended up taking a nice swim which helped with the heat! I saw on the news that this year was the hottest year on record. A bit scary if you think of all the cute cuddly polar bears and penguins that live on the ice!

PS: Isn't that the saddest kitten that you have ever seen? Guess it really hates getting wet! If I was confronted with a face like that I would have no choice but to let him go!

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Ms. Bake-it said...

I must admit, that is a pretty pathetic face! For the most part, I am somewhat immune. I get looks very similar to that on furbaby bath day times 10, sometimes more depending on how many fosters I have at the time. I can relate to the camera woes since I recently had problems with mine.

~ Tracy