Friday, August 27, 2010

Eden Fantasys Review

Warning this post contains Adult Material. If you are not of the age of majority in your country please do not read any further!

Looking for a fun way to spice up your love life but don't want to go to a seedy store scared to be seen looking at certain products?? Well what if you could browse through thousands of products in the safety and comfort of your own home? If that sounds like a great idea to you, you definitely should check out Eden Fantasys!!

Eden Fantasys is a online store dedicated to providing the most hip and state of the art adult toys to spice up your love life or enhance it if it's spicy enough. This is a perfect set up because you can order from the comfort of your own home with maximum privacy! They also have an extensive selection of sexy lingerie ranging from corsets all the way to your basic bra and panty set. I also love how they offer such a great range of sizes from small all the way to extra large! So no matter your size you can still find some sexy lingerie!If you love sensual massage they also have many products and kits targeted toward making one heck of a memorable massage.

They also have a great selection of fun and sexy costumes that would be perfect for Halloween and even for everyday fun. Although it's not yet September, it's still not too early to be thinking of Halloween costumes because let's face it, sexy costumes can be worn year round! I am seriously going to get a costume from Eden Fantasys for Halloween because most of the costumes are under $50 which is pretty good considering that comparable costumes can set you back a hundred dollars or more!

They also have a great online forum where you can go to discuss the latest news and discover great new products! I love how Eden Fantasys has a great feature where there are reviews done by actual customers so that you can get an in depth insight into the different products offered. I think that's a great idea for internet retailers because sometimes customers may be reluctant to purchase something without being able to see the item beforehand, but customer reviews can really give you better insight into whether or not the product is right for you or not.

My Review:

I am so happy to be a part of the Eden Fantasys Ambassador program because I get to do reviews and share it with you guys! Thanks to Eden Fantasys and their delightful rep Jenn, I was sent the Bad Cop costume by Leg Avenue to do a review, and I can't be more pleased with my selection! It took me quite a while to look through the Eden Fantasys site to choose what to do my review on because they have such a wide selection of costumes! This is my second time doing a review for Eden Fantasys so even though I have seen some of their products already, they have a lot of new additions that caught my eye.

Shipping was very quick considering the fact that they are located in the States and I live way up in the cold north of Canada, so that was a huge plus! Also it came very discretely packaged and the return label gave no indication that the package contains something that would make the mail man blush! This is perfect for the person who may be purchasing a more intimate item who doesn't want the whole world to know.

The Bad Cop costume comprises of a dress, tie, hat and waist cincher...everything you need to not only look the part but feel the part as well! The materials that are used to make this costume include Polyester and it feels so comfortable on.

The costume also has a great amount of details with a shiny leather like material adding such details as pockets and finishing. It also makes up the material for the waist cincher. I love how the dress has "Officer Naughty" stitched on it, which shows the level of detail on this costume.

The waist cincher is very comfortable and is actually stretchy in the back so that it makes for easier wear. Also it has a lot of great buckle closures as functional details although there is a zipper in the back just in case you don't want to deal with all of the buckles.

This sexy mini dress has a low cut zipper to be adjusted to your liking, and it's not too short! This is great because you can also use it as a Halloween costume! If the skirt was any shorter you wouldn't be able to wear it out in public without being actually arrested!

The hat and the one-piece costume both have a metal badge on them which was a pleasant surprise because I expected them to be made of plastic. Again this is another testament to how great the details actually are!

The only thing that I would change about this costume is the zipper. I wish that the zipper would go down all the way instead of half way to make it easier and faster to take off. But I love this costume and will definitely wear it many times!

So if your love life needs a little kick then head on over to Eden Fantasys in order to check out all the amazing selection of products.

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