Monday, August 9, 2010

Pyknyk Giveaway

Finding a stylish diaper bag is difficult, finding a diaper bag that you will want to use long after your baby has grown up is almost impossible that is why Pyknyk is such a great option for mothers out there who are looking for a diaper bag that can double as a tote as well.

Pyknyk is pronounced like Picnic and is the creation of two sisters who spent their childhood growing up in exotic locations thanks to the nature of their parent's work. These experiences later inspired them into making and starting up their own company.

Each Pyknyk bag is named after cities that the two sisters have either lived in - or visited and loved - because it helped them learn, through first hand experience, that every corner on Earth is truly unique and inherently beautiful. In this spirit, they dedicate Pyknyk to all unique and beautiful moms experiencing the excitement of motherhood who feel, that life can continue to be a Pyknyk after Baby comes along.

They offer two great styles of bags the Paris and the London. And each bag is made with high quality fabrics and offers great little details that every mom can appreciate.

My Review:

I was so lucky to have the chance to review one of Pyknyks amazing bags! I got the chance to review one of their London Cork totes and I decided to do my review on the London Desert Night

I love the look of this bag! It looks so organic and it's quite different from other bags out there! The cork really adds such a great dimension to the bag and a lot of my friends commented over just how cool they thought my bag was! Now I don't have a child in order to use this as a diaper bag but I know that when I do have children I will definitely use this bag as a diaper bag because it's just so convenient. I will be doing my review with a twist and showing you how this bag can be used after your child is no longer in diapers!

Some details about the bag:

*Genuine Cork (face of tote only) and Cotton Canvas bag with water resistant lining *4 large pockets inside to hold diapers, wipes, and lotions *2 inside mesh pockets to hold bottles *13" x 22" Polyester Changing Pad *Large back pocket to hold pad *Extra long Key Fob *Pacifier Loop *Removable stroller straps *Bag size: 13” (height) x 17” (top) / 11" (base) x 4.5” (depth at base) *Weight: 12 oz

This bag is so great for organizing because it has so many great pockets in which you can store items. I found this so useful because I could put the smaller things that usually get lost in my purse in the smaller pockets so they would easily be in reach. I know that the pockets are for such things as diapers, snacks or baby bottles but they can easily be used to store water bottles, wallet, make up and keys. I also love the inside of the bag because it's easy to clean and waterproof so perfect for spills or leaks.

I have used this bag as a beach bag and I find that it's so perfect! I even got creative and used the baby's change mat as a mat to sit on so that my butt wouldn't get dirty. I really enjoy toting this bag along and I think that it makes for a stylish bag no matter if it's being used as a diaper bag or just a bag that you tote around.

The Giveaway:

Well Pyknyk is being so awesome in offering a bag to one lucky The Giveaway Diva Reader! The winner will get their choice of The London Bag!

This bag is valued at $85!!!

Sorry but this is only open to US and Canadian residents only!

Discount Code:

Pyknyk has been so awesome to offer a great discount to all The Giveaway Diva Readers! The code is a0ce33cb and is good until September 5th! This coupon code is good for 25% of all your purchases!!!

How To Enter:

Read carefully! There are two steps in this process! It's a little bit different than my regular giveaways because the sponsor wants to determine certain statistics of who enters! This is just a way in which we can help them!

The first step is that the sponsor wants you to go to their website and register here. It's a short little form that you have to fill out and you have to indicate that you found out about Pyknyk through thegiveawaydiva in the little box that says "other".

The second step is that you also have to leave me a comment that has these three items: 1) What colour tote you like best 2) What you like best about the tote and 3) Would you use it as a purse, a baby bag or both.

You must indicate that you found out about Pyknyk through thegiveawaydiva otherwise you won't be included in the exclusive draw, but rather the regular draw that Pyknyk holds.

Please do both steps and also please let me know if you have any questions! The giveaway will end on September 7th so get entering!

*Disclosure: I was sent the above item from Pyknyk in order to conduct a review. Please note that I was not offered any other additional compensation.


Patricia N said...

I registered at Pyknyk -
1) I like the Desert Night (black) tote
2) I like that the tote is made from organic/renewable (cork) materials!
3) I would use it as a purse
PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

Shooting Stars Mag said...

registered and I actually picked the London - Desert Night too (black) because it goes with more and I like the darker color against the cork.

i would use it as a purse too!

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Allison said...

I registered at Pyknyk
1.) I like the Desert Night tote
2.) I like the fact that the purse is really unique.
3.) I would use it as a purse.


Lora said...

I registered at Pyknyk too

I like the London Desert Sun. It looks so bright and cheery, would be an awesome beach type tote. I would use it for both a purse and diaper bag since my youngest is only 7 months. At Pyknyk they only had spots for the ages of 3 kids but I have 4! So I just listed my 3 oldest.

Crystal said...

Registered with Pyknyk (Crystal I)

1. I like Desert Sun (yellow)

2. I love the color! It looks like a fun bag to go out with. It's bright so I think it looks more "lively" than the other colors.

3. I would most definitely use it as a purse

Crystal I
mixteco1992 at yahoo dot com

Jill said...

I registered at Pyknyk (username: jimaro). :)
1. My favorite bags are the Versailles Sunset (love the bright orange/red combo) and London - Desert Sun (so cheery!).
2. I like that it has lots of pockets and compartments so everything has a place and can be easily found.
3. No baby yet, so I'd use it as a purse until we needed it as a diaper bag.
Thanks for this great giveaway.

Julia said...

I've registered! I like the black Desert Night best, although the red is also great, I like that the lining is waterproof and has side pockets, and if I didn't give it to my friend who's expecting a baby in the new year, I would use it as a walking errand bag, to carry groceries etc, as well as my wallet, instead of having to cart a heavy purse home as well as a tote bag.


Stephanie LaPlante said...

I registered at Pyknyk - stephy905

1) London - Desert Night [black]

2) I like that it's organic and doesn't require killing trees

3) I would use it as a purse

Jennifer Young said...

i registered!
really love the black tote you are giving away! i love that it's unique and most of the material is cork (how awesome is that?!) i think i would definitely use it as a purse AND a diaper bag!

jmt413 at gmail dot com

Karen said...

1. I like Desert Dune (brown)
2. I like all the pockets to keep things organized!
3. I'd try really hard to give it to my sister-in-law as a diaper bag (she's expecting), but I like it a lot, so it might end up as my purse!

Kristin said...

I registered with Pyknyk.

1. I like the Desert Romance (red) tote. Red is my favorite color.
2. My favorite thing about it is that in has a place for all my stuff...and I have a lot of stuff
3. I'd use it as a purse/bookbag

kristin.brown106 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

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madlibs75 said...

1. I like the Desert Romance bag best.
2. I love that this diaper bag is stylish enough to carry in place of a purse.
3. I will use it as both a diaper bag and a purse.

libbylopez at hotmail dot com

Katie said...

i registered, i love the desert dune, and the fact that cork is used! i'd use it as a purse
engh.katie at gmail dot com

Jen said...

I registered at Pyknyk

1. I like the Red, Desert Romance tote...I have too many darn black and brown purses so I want COLOR!!!
2. I drink alot of wine. I love that this tote is made of cork because I use alot of cork when I buy all my wine. Very cool and of course a renewable resource!
3. Oh, I would use it as a purse..maybe I could fit a bottle of wine in there too ;-)

productsoftheday at gmail dot com

Angie said...

I love the Desert Dune color. I would use this adorable bag as a tote (or i might hold onto it for an upcoming baby shower!!!). I love how cute but functional it is with the pockets inside!
I registered with Pyknyk too.

rennieangie at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I registered at Pyknyk

1. I like the Paris Nightlife
2. I love the hip look of it
3. I would love to use it as a diaper bag!

Although, I do love the Desert Dune as well. The fact that its made of cork is incredible. I'd be happy with any of them!

pamalot said...

I registered at Pyknyk.
I like the Desert Night Black Tote.
I like that this tote does not look like a regular diaper bag and can be used by anyone.
I think I would use it a purse to carry my school stuff in (I work in a kindergarten class)

Claude said...

I registered at Pyknyk as imzadi481
1-I like the Desert Dune tote
2-I absolutely love the look of the cork!
3-I would use it as a purse

claudecampeau at videotron dot ca
Thanks for the chance to win!

AmbreRose said...

I really like the Paris Nightlife, that is a great looking bag. I like the black cause it would match everything, no matter what I would wear. I would use it as a purse, seeing as though I have no children :) ambrerose(at)aol(dot)com

Raquel said...

I registered at Pyknyk
I like the Desert Dune color
I love that the bag is unique - i have never seen anything like it before.
I would first use it as a purse - and then when we have our first baby it would be my fabulous diaper bag!

Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!
raquelk_87 (at) hotmail (dot) com

meeyeehere said...

desert night is my favorite!!
Oh,I registered and mentioned you in the other section
I love that cork board look,I just am crazy about that look,I have never seen anything like it.
I would use it for both. All my bags carry diapers and wipes but also mu junk too!
Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

Amber D. said...

I registered. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Desert Sun! I think it would catch everyone's eye and looks so fun! I love how organized the bag is on the inside! That would be one less thing to worry about for me! and I would definitely use this as a purse and diaper bag, why carry more right? So excited about this giveaway!

penguinlover_23 at yahoo dot com

Jamie said...

I registered at Pyknyk....

1) My favorite is the Desert Night - it matches a nursing cover I bought!

2) Besides matching my nursing cover, I love that it doesn't LOOK like a diaper bag! And the cork is so unique - easy to dress up or down.

3) Until the little one is here, I would use it as a purse for sure!

Nichole Cianci said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nichole Cianci said...

1) Desert Sun 2) All the pockets! and 3) baby bag!

ps i registered!

Jennifer L. said...

I registered at Pyknyk.
I like the Versailles Sunset bag the best. I love it's bright red and orange colours. I love that it looks really well-made and I bet it lasts and lasts. I also really like that it has different pockets inside. I'll use it as a purse.
jentam777 AT gmail Dot com

Unknown said...

1) I like Desert Night -black tote the best!
2) I like how unique it is and obviously the great material it's made from! cork!
3) I would use this bag as a purse.

polly said...

i am registered.
1.loving the red!
2.i like that it is so unique. you won't see everyone carrying it!
3.i will use it as a purse.

Unknown said...

I registered at Pyknyk too!

I like all the bags, though if forced to choose I'd the London Desert Night black. It's a beautiful bag and a great concept - I'd use it as a purse - and perhaps a laptop bag for my mini.

Ms. Bake-it said...

I registered with Pyknyk as FlourChild2006

1) I like the London - Desert Dune
2) I like that the tote is made from organic/renewable materials and all the separate compartments – a place for everything!
3) I would use it as a purse, weekend bag for marketing and as a diaper bag when I am babysitting my 3 month old grandson!

~ Tracy

mom2girls said...

I registered at Pyknyk. I would like London Desert Romance :) I would use it as a Purse only and I really just love the style of it - I have had honestly cheap purses for the last ten years - I mean dollar bin purses and would just love to have something nice for a change. It is really classy and grown up. I would be very proud to have this on my arm.

Sophia M said...

I registered

1. I like Desert Night best

2. I like that it's so different from what's out there and how it's so versatile in what the tote can be used for.

3. I would use it as a purse.

csuccess at hotmail dot com

Pam said...

I registered.

I like the Desert Dune best though the Desert Romance is a pretty close 2nd....

Love the look of the bag. It's so unique.

I would use it as a purse and a baby bag.

melacan at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I registered at Pyknyk.
1-I pick Desert Romance.
2-I like that the bag is sturdy and
easy to organize.
3-I would use it as a purse and
vacation tote.

april brooks said...

1. Desert Sun
2. I love how unique this bag is! Never seen another like it.
3. Purse for me.

Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

Jo said...

i registered as mamipdx

i like the red tote

i like the material- cork!

i would use it for a baby bag for m,y toddler.


Anonymous said...

Is a international giveaway?


Anonymous said...

1) registered at pyknyk

2) like the desert dune color, like that the tote is eco-friendly, would use for both purse and baby bag

11newmom at gmail

Jenny Bolech said...

I registered with pyknyk! This is such a cool bag – I love the cork, it’s so unique! I would pick it in desert dune, and I would use it as a purse.
jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

jhitomi said...

I registered at Pyknyk as jhitomi.

1) I like Desert Night color.
2) what I like best is that it is made from a natural material. But also it looks beautiful.
3) I would use it as a purse and take it everywhere!

jhbalvin at gmail dot com

Linda R. said...

I registered with Pyknyk as tigger77tigger
1) I like the London-Desert Dune
2) I like that it's water & oil proof
3) I would use it as either a diaper bag or as a purse

lyromero77 at yahoo dot com

Lynsi said...

1) I LOVE the yellow cork tote.
2) Yellow works with blondes ! LOL. And organic materials is always a plus. And I love all the compartments!
3) I would use it as a purse.

Anonymous said...

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