Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Singularity Jewelry Review

If you are looking for a sparkly piece to add to your jewelry collection you should definitely check out Singularity Jewelry and with the amazing prices that are so affordable you can even get another piece without having to make a huge splurge!

Singularity Jewelry is the work of a great grandmother and granddaughter team. Tamara, makes all of the jewelry and do the online and technical stuff associated with running a website. Tamara's grandmother, Clarice, watches their sales and ships the items. They work together on pretty much everything else!

Singularity Jewelry is full of the most amazing pieces with high quality gems and metals. Tamara also manages to incorporate lampwork glass beads into some of her creations.

I think the best part of Singularity Jewelry is the fact that Tamara refuses to overprice! She knows the disappointment that you can feel when you see a drop dead gorgeous piece but the price tag makes you want to cry. To her making jewelry is a hobby one she does for love and not work! So any money that does manage to make, goes straight back into building up her pieces!
I have seen some amazing pieces such as the most amazing coin pearl and chalcedony dangle earrings that I was so surprised only cost $6! I thought that for sure these earrings would cost more! And this is just one example of the great items that she has in her store!

My Review:

Look at the lovely package that I got in the mail! It was nice to get the very pretty and very pink envelope that was totally different than the regular brownish-yellow packing envelopes that most things come in.

I love the great green packaging! It lends a very elegant and expensive feel to the jewelry!

I fell in love with this amazing Lemon Quartz Briolette Necklace and when I let Tamara know that it was my favorite piece in Singularity Jewelry she was more than happy to reproduce it for me at an even more affordable rate! So if you see something that you absolutely love but it's not in your price range, I'm sure if you asked Tamara nicely she might be able to make a cheaper but just as amazing recreation!

I love the gold chain that she used to make the necklace, it's really delicate and different from all the other chains that I have. The lemon quartz that she used are super sparkly and nice and large without being too heavy!

Tamara was so kind in throwing in a pair of matching earrings as well! These amazing earrings are made of the same Lemon Quartz as the necklace and really do match!

I love how dangly the earrings are and how they sparkle and catch the light! And they aren't too heavy so they won't stretch out your earlobes!

Some great shots of me modeling all the beautiful pieces I received!

As an additional thank you for featuring her on my blog and doing a review, Tamara was so awesome in also throwing in a pair of cute blue earrings! These would be perfect to wear with a casual outfit!

So if you want to get more bang for your buck and lots of sparkly goodness head on over to
Singularity Jewelry! Tamara is even more awesome in that she is going to be sponsoring a great giveaway! So look out for that soon!!!

*Disclosure: I was sent the above items from Singularity Jewelry in order to conduct a review. Please note that I was not offered any other additional compensation.

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