Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wexford Jewelers Review

I love jewelery as you all know! It's truly my guilty pleasure and I enjoy being a blogger that gets to review great products and getting to discover great companies and the great people behind these companies!

Wexford Jewelers
is a very special shop that is both based online as well as having a freestanding store located in Cadillac, Michigan since May of 1995! This is a family run business that is owned and operated by two sisters Sarah and Emily and their husbands Jason and Michael. You can really tell that each piece that they create is a testament to their love for design and colour.

All of Wexford Jewelers very unique pieces are handmade in their Northern Michigan foundry. But if you look through their site full of numerous gorgeous jewels and still can't find what you are looking for (which is pretty hard since I lusted over so many could wipe the drool off my keyboard) you are in luck since custom design is their specialty. Have a necklace shape that you've been dreaming about? A wedding band pattern that would tell your unique story? A family crest that would make a perfect signet ring? Send Wexford Jewelers a drawing and they can quote you a price for gold, sterling, or platinum. Gemstones? No problem. See a ring on the Wexford Jewelers site that inspires you? It can make it with whatever color strikes your fancy, even make it with your existing stones!

My Review:

I was so lucky that I got the opportunity to do a review for Wexford Jewelers since I love their pieces.
I just love their packaging, it goes beyond any of my expectations and you can be assured that each piece will arrive in an amazing black box that is wax sealed with their logo.

But that is not all that you get! As you can see in the picture that I took you also get a lot of great extras like chocolate! The chocolate was amazing and I'm a huge sucker for chocolate! Each purchase also comes with this great polishing cloth that is so beautifully designed. I never realized that your jewelry needs a good polish in order for it to maintain it's beauty and quality.

Inside the box is an amazing leather ring carrier, so you know that you will have an amazing ring box that can use to store your piece courtesy of Wexford Jewelers!

I was sent the amazing Wild Roses Ring and I can't get over how beautiful this ring really is! There are three different options to choose from: Polished, blackened and antiqued. This ring is part of there rose garden collection and as you can tell is one of their most popular collections.

In creating the ring each petal is hand-formed as well and each leaf vein is etched with an amazing 5x magnification! So you can tell that Wexford Jewelers does not skimp on the finer details. The band is about 3mm wide throughout most of the ring and widens to 10mm on top. They also offer a huge range of sizing from a size 5 all the way up to a size 15! What I also love is that it is cast in reclaimed sterling silver, so Wexford Jewelers purchases used metals and has them refined, re-alloyed and then re-cast in their own foundry. This is so great because the metal doesn't just sit in landfills taking up room!

The details on this ring are truly remarkable! Even the back of the ring has so much detail even though no one may see that part. It would be easier just to have a plain band but the leaf detail is carried on throughout the ring and so that it is a piece of art no matter which side you look at it!

So if you are looking for great quality pieces you should definitely check out Wexford Jewelers!

*Disclosure: I was sent the above items from Wexford Jewelers in order to conduct a review. Please note that I was not offered any other additional compensation.

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paintlady said...

I am overwhelmed by your upbeat wonderful review of our business! ~ thank you, Nicole!
Sarah's mom