Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sponsored Post: Dial a Phone

If you are in the market for a phone one of the best places in order to turn to when it comes to the real world application of the phone are blogs that go into great detail about new phone releases. They provide an unbiased opinion on the phones in the market and are knowledgeable about how to turn sometimes confusing phone descriptions into words that an everyday user can understand.

One great resource is the UK blog www.dialaphone.co.uk . In this blog they feature all of the most up to date news stories relating to phones, offer great and insightful reviews of phones and other more general cell phone related items. A great blog post that they did was the Top 10 Most Expensive Phones, it was so interesting to see the lengths that some people would go to flaunt their love of the cell phone.

An example of how detailed their reviews can be is the one that they did on the Sony Ericsson x10 . In every review they list the most distinctive features of the phone including such things as the amount of memory, the details of the camera, the colour availability, the weight of the phone and so much more. Another thing that I appreciated was that they talked in great detail about the social media capabilities of the phone, since everyone is on twitter and facebook it is great to know how the phone makes these applications easy to access.

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