Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Want Free Fabulous Swag every Month?! Learn How You can be an Eden Fantasys Ambassador!

As you know I am part of the Ambassador Program with Eden Fantasys! And I love being a part of this amazing program because of the great opportunities and benefits that I have received since becoming an Ambassador. Eden Fantasys truly is a great resource for anyone who wants to put a little bit of spice into their relationships, which means everyone! I mean who doesn’t love a bit of spice?

I think the best part of being an Ambassador is the amazing swag! Each month I can choose to receive free products in exchange for blogging about Eden Fantasys. The process is quite easy and there are only a few requirements!

In exchange for a product, you are expected to write a testimonial for EdenFantasys. The testimonial must be published on your blog -- the same one you initially submitted to Eden Fantasys during the sign-up process -- and should have no less than 100 words. This post must include at least one link to with certain anchor texts. A second link to a product category (lingerie, for example, or sensual candles) would also be appreciated, but is not required. Your blog post must be visible on the front page of your blog; it cannot be hidden away on a sub-page or separate blog.

You must also include an
Eden Fantasys banner in your blog post (a prompt for banner selection will be automatically provided during the review submission process). They have many banners in different sizes, colors and styles, and each one is designed to not detract or distract from your blog’s design.

Now I know what you are thinking, how can I become a part of this amazing program? It’s actually quite easy! If you have a blog then you can be an Ambassador! How great is that? That’s the beauty of this program! If you love getting the word out on great brands and being able to enjoy fabulous free swag then this is the perfect program for you! That being said I’m expect a ton of emails!

If you want to become an Eden Fantasys Ambassador all you have to do is contact me and I will connect you with Jenn who is my amazing Eden Fantasys rep!

Click here for more information!

So contact me today nicolemarielum(at) and become an Ambassador today! I know you won’t regret it!

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