Monday, November 22, 2010

While during the holidays it is great to receive great presents that are meaningful, it is more important to think of others. That's why I love featuring companies that give back to the community.Elephant Heart Jewelry is a great company that not only has the most amazing jewelry but also gives back to those around them.

Elephant Heart Jewelry is the creation of Elyse who after completing her studies at Brown made her foray into the world of jewelry design with the establishment of her introductory line, Elyse Jeanne.

Elyse Jeanne Jewelry was featured in the StyleWatch section of People Magazine, and has been worn by such celebrities as Teri Hatcher and Dana Delany on Desperate Housewives, Hayden Panettiere, Audrina Patridge and Nancy O'Dell.

Elyse decided to parlay the success of Elyse Jeanne into a new vision, Elephant Heart Jewelry, which combines her passion for designing handmade jewelry with her deep commitment to volunteerism and social responsibility. And she continues to design and make an impact with Elephant Heart Jewelry to this day.

With Elyse's amazing designs it's no wonder Elephant Heart Jewelry is a favorite of the media and celebrities alike! Elephant Heart Jewelry designs have been featured in Access Hollywood Glam Slam: The Friday Five, as well as on and Vanessa Williams was featured in the StyleWatch section of People Magazine wearing Elephant Heart's Green Earth Chalcedony Earrings, one of six pieces that she and Tyra Banks wore in Hannah Montana: The Movie. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd and Joy Behar have worn a number of pieces from the Elephant Heart Collection on The View. Elephant Heart Jewelry has also been prominently featured on 90210.

Elephant Heart Jewelry, which integrates beautifully designed handmade jewelry with a commitment to volunteerism and social responsibility, has donated a variety of art supplies to 32nd Street School in Los Angeles. Jewelry Designer Elyse Graham has also worked with the students on a number of art projects and other activities.

To express their appreciation, the children presented Elyse with beautiful drawings reflecting their interpretations of what Elephant Heart really means. Elephant Heart Jewelry is excited to introduce a series of Greeting Cards featuring the students' original artwork. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these cards will go directly back to 32nd Street School to promote Arts Education and purchase art supplies.

Thanks to the generosity of EH Customers, 32nd Street School received their first check in November in the amount of $344! The cards are truly touching and for only $20 you get 10 different cards but more importantly the children are ensured that they have an outlet for their creativity.

My Review:

I was sent two great products to review The Elephant Heart Charm Necklace and the Wind Chime Earrings

I was just blown away by the packaging! This is such a unique looking box and I love how you can use them again to put other jewelry!

Look at the amazing card that I received! This card is from the Greeting Cards that are from the Fund that supports 32nd School!

The pretty packaging that greeted me when I opened up the box

Look at how amazing the jewelry looks on the box. As you can see The Elephant Heart Charm Necklace really does look like Elephant Hearts logo!

I'm actually quite surprised that this shot came out so well since my camera is so screwy after my friend dropped it in the sand!

The Wind Chime Earrings feels so comfortable to wear and I know where the name comes from since they have a light soothing sound when I move around, but not the annoying loud sound of actual wind chimes. The earrings are the perfect size and they truly look amazing with anything on!

I love the look of The Elephant Heart Charm Necklace because of it's versatility! I mean this is truly a necklace that will be part of your jewelry wardrobe for years to come. This necklace is perfect for layering and I love how the chain is nice and delicate. Another great thing is that you can get a two for one look in that you can flip the heart behind the elephant if you just want to feature the necklace and flip it back when you want the elephant to be with the heart.

I love so many of the designs that are featured on Elephant Heart Jewelry because they work so well with so many outfits. I really love all the nature inspired elements of this line and I know you will too! That's why I know you will be super excited to know that one very lucky reader will win an amazing piece from Elephant Heart Jewelry!! So look out for that soon!

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