Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love, Honor, and Betray Book Review and Giveaway!

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The infamous Reverend Curtis Black's sordid past is no secret, as his wife, Charlotte, is well aware. But when Curtis' long-time mistress and mother of his illegitimate two-year-old, dies, he and Charlotte have no choice but to raise Curtina together. While the living, breathing reminder of her husband's infidelity infuriates Charlotte, Curtis couldn't be happier to finally have his whole family together. Despite her best efforts to keep her feelings hidden, Charlotte resents Curtina, taking her emotions out on the young girl. When confronted about her behavior Charlotte starts spending time away from home, all the while getting closer to her ex-boyfriend. Curtis appears to devote himself to his parish and the new church they're building, but is he really focusing his attention on the female parishioners trying to lure him into bed? Suddenly Curtis and Charlotte find themselves slipping into dangerous territory, and not even Curtis' seven-figure salary can prevent what is about to happen.

My Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book and made the mistake of starting it before bedtime because I really wanted to finish it but couldn't because I was too tired. I really enjoyed reading about Charlotte, Curtis and their family. The one thing I couldn't understand was the amount of hate that Charlotte felt toward Curtina. I couldn't understand how she could hate the poor innocent little girl but I have to say that I would not know what I would do if I was placed in the same position. I would hope that I would be able to look past my feeling in order to provide a loving home for Curtina.

The Giveaway

Thanks to the amazing people over at Hachette Book Group I am able to give away three copies to three lucky winners. In order to win this book you must reside in either Canada or the United States. Also you must not have a PO box because it's really hard to deliver books to PO when it doesn't fit!

This giveaway will end on January 17th

How to Enter:

There are three ways in which you can enter: Fill out the form below, click here to fill out the form, or enter through the comment section. Also if you want to add more entries but have already filled out the form you can just add the extra entries that you did in the comment section so that you won't have to fill out the form again.

Giveaway Reminder: Evirosax

Just a friendly little reminder that the Evirosax giveaway will be ending tomorrow night so get your entries in!

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day Blues

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great and amazing Christmas spent with family and friends! I was very happy that I got to eat lots and lots of turkey which is one of my favorite meals!

I woke up super duper early in order to hit up the malls but looking at the discounts I wish I had stayed in bed. Although there were a few good deals, I was disappointed because they were not as great as I thought they would be. In fact in many of the stores that I went to, I had actually scored better deals when it wasn't even boxing day. That being said I did manage to walk away with a few items so I guess it wasn't that much of a loss!

How about you? Did you nab any great deals? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Just wanted to wish all my awesome readers out there a very Merry Christmas! I hope that you have an amazing time surrounded by friends and family! Hope everything that you wish for comes true!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dress me in Colour

I am in love with colour for the holidays! No more Little Black Dresses for me! The season makes me feel so happy and I want my fashion choices to reflect my mood! I love how the details really pop when they are in colour, because detailing on black dresses sometimes gets unnoticed.

Thanks for Keeping me Growing!

I wake up every morning and check out my blog and I'm always so touched and surprised to find that my number of followers have grown since the day before. When I started my blog I would have never in a million years think that I would have ever been able to achieve what I have so far. I'm so close to reaching 1400 subscribers! It touches me so much that so many of you enjoy my blog so much that you guys would want to follow! So thank you!

And as always I love comments and would love to interact with you! And since this blog is for you what would you like to see more of?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm in Love.....

With this amazing Pomellato limited edition ring!!! Droool!!! Love the detailing on it!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Gift of Foxy: Foxy Jewelry Giveaway

As you all know I have a huge problem when it comes to jewelry! I feature so much jewelry on this blog that sometimes I wonder if this blog is more of a jewelry review and giveaway blog then just a plain old review/giveaway blog. As a jewelry expert, I love how jewelry can really complete an outfit. One of the coolest ways to dress up your outfit comes courtesy of jewelry from Foxy Originals!

Foxy Originals founders and designers, Jen Kluger and Suzie Orol, are seasoned vets who know what it takes to create eye catching pieces. In the jewelry-making business since their undergrad days where they first met at University of Western Ontario in the late 90s; these foxy ladies turned down job after job in the corporate world to follow the dream of creating beautiful pieces. I'm so glad that they did because they went on to create a company that not only provides stylish pieces but ones that will not break the bank.

To give you some idea of just how successful this company is, imagine selling your jewelry to friends on campus to being seen on some of the most fashionable and stylish celebs. Their Coca Earrings (only $22!!!!!!) even was featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things! And you know if Oprah is giving you the thumbs up you must be doing something right! Foxy Originals has been seen on celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Sienna Miller, Tori Spelling and countless others.

Foxy Originals is dedicated to making high-fashion jewelry that doesn't carry the high prices so that their pieces are accessible to young women. The line features uniquely styled pieces that feature innovative details, enamel designs, and clean lines. Foxy Originals features rings, earrings, bracelet, headbands, necklaces and even cufflinks for the guys!

My Review:

This is not actually the first Foxy Originals piece that I own, I have three other earrings from their line (The Azure Earrings, The Envy Earrings, and The Lilith Earrings) that I received as gifts and I'm a huge Foxy Originals fan and that's why I was so excited when I was approached to do a review with them!

After going over their site on what to review for what seemed to be hours, since it was so hard to make a decision I finally settle upon The Bravo Necklace.

The Bravo Necklace retails for $54 and it comes in your choice of gold or silver. And it also happens to be the most expensive item on the site! That's right you read right all their jewelry is priced at under $55!!! The necklace came packaged in their cute hot pink signature packaging.

The Bravo Necklace is a luxious lariat that is the perfect accessory for someone who wants to turn a casual outfit into a bold one. I really enjoyed wearing it and I have styled it with many different outfits. I have worn this when I went out with a simple black dress and let the necklace do the talking and I've also worn it in the office. Although there are multiple chunky chains this piece looks heavier than it actually is and it didn't give me neck ache.

The Giveaway:

If you love Foxy Originals then I have a treat for you! They are going to be giving a very lucky reader a piece from their line! That means that one of you gets to choose their favorite piece and it's all yours!

This giveaway will end on January 18th! Sorry but this giveaway is only open to residents of Canada and the US! But don't worry there are other giveaways that will be open to international residents! =)

How to Enter:

There are three ways in which you can enter: Fill out the form below, click here to fill out the form, or enter through the comment section. Also if you want to add more entries but have already filled out the form you can just add the extra entries that you did in the comment section so that you won't have to fill out the form again.


I love watching my favourite shows in High Definition! I seriously do not know what I would do if I had to go back to watching plain old regular television. I find that Mitsubishi TVs are great quality tvs when it comes to HD and they have great clarity and picture quality.

Now I am in the market for a new HD tv and after doing some research on the subject I have discovered that HD was so yesterday and the future is actually HDMI which means High Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI is currently the best and most advanced way to watch high definition content. In fact HDMI is posed to be the next big trend with every new TV being equipped with a HDMI TV cable that is then hooked up to HDMI wall plates. This is a simple all in one cable technology that allows for the best sound and picture quality which take HD television to another level.

Another great feature is the ability to integrate your home computer with your television. I find that viewing pictures is that much more enjoyable when you get to see it on the bigger screen of your television as opposed to squinting and trying to make out details on the much smaller computer screen.

*Disclosure: Please note that this is a sponsored post and although I was compensated the ideas and views expressed in this post are that of my own. All the money that I do make goes back into the blog and to the readers by covering shipping costs for prizes and improving the blog.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pink Pewter Giveaway Winner!

I know everyone loved this giveaway as much as I did because the products of Pink Pewter are amazing! I did realize that my participation rate in giveaways has dramatically increased ever since the inception of my form as the method of entry!

Just in case you wanted to know The Amy won as the most favorite Pink Pewter headband!

It was closely followed by The Cynthia!

Now on to find out who won the amazing Pink Pewter giftpack valued at $75! There were a total of 1180 entries!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2010-12-20 19:11:32 UTC

The very lucky winner is: Christine!!

I have emailed you! Congrats! You have two days to respond or I will have to draw a new winner! =(

Enter the other great giveaways that I have going on!

Elephant Heart Jewelry Giveaway Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that the Elephant Heart Jewelry Giveaway will be ending tomorrow night!!!! Get your entries in to win this amazing Elephant Heart Necklace valued at $110!!!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wholesale Costume Club Review

I know that Halloween just passed and Christmas is coming but just because Halloween is over doesn't mean that there isn't an opportunity to dress up. The Wholesale Costume Club actually offers many costumes for seasonal events such as Christmas and even Thanksgiving!
The Wholesale Costume Club has one of the largest selection of costumes that are tailored to meet every need. From options of plus size costumes to costumes for couples, The Wholesale Costume Club has the right costume for you. I love their huge selection of women's costumes and they also have so many great sexy costumes that can be worn to spice things up. While they have an extensive selection of women's costumes, The Wholesale Costume Club is quite versatile with costumes for the whole family! They have the cutest kids costumes and even great costumes for the pets. I also love how they have a great selection of accessories because it is often hard to find the right accessories that will go well with costumes.

While the costumes are categorized into different categories and different price points so you can shop within your budget, I wish that there was a sort function in order to sort the costumes from the highest price to the lowest just to make things a tad bit easier.

My Review:

It took me such a long time to decide upon what costume I would want to do my review on since they have thousands of costume options. I was torn between two costumes but in the end I decided to go with the Naughty Nymph Womens Fairy Sexy Costume. I know that this will make the perfect Halloween Costume for next year!

The Naughty Nymph Womens Fairy Sexy Costume comes jam packed with so many components that it is such a steal for under $35! The retail price actually is $65, but thanks to The Wholesale Costume Club you can get it for a steeply discounted price.

This Naughty Nymph Womens Fairy Sexy Costume is actually a deluxe costume and comes as a four piece set which comprises of a sexy orange and black bustier that has a flower pinned at the chest, layers of sheer tulle with mesh and sequins make up the skirt the wings are a perfect dark fuchsia that have black swirl design and of course the headpiece has a flower and ribbon to match the bustier. You really do not need to accessorize any further while wearing this costume which is something that I love!

So if you want to get amazing costumes at an amazing price definitely check out The Wholesale Costume Club

*Please note that I was sent the above item from The Wholesale Costume Club in order to conduct a fair and educated review. I was not compensated in any other way and all expressions and views expressed in this post are that of my own.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dreamy Frocks

With the oddles of holiday parties in full mind is full of one thing.....Dresses dresses and more dresses!!!

Herve Leger

Reem Acra

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pink Pewter Giveaway Reminder!!!

Just a reminder that the great Pink Pewter Giveaway will end tomorrow night!!! So get your entries in if you want to win an amazing selection of fashionable stylish hair accessories!!!

Click here to enter!!!

The Gift of Personalization: Alisa Michelle Designs Review

Look in your pocket, look in your wallet. I bet you will find a bunch of coins just weighing down your purse, but if you look closely you might look at a coin and see something else....something more fashionable. That's how Alisa Michelle Designs first got started.

Alisa Michelle Designs is the inspired creation of Alisa Cohen who has been designing her own line since 1996. Since then, Alisa has found great success having her pieces sold in hundreds of stores around the world. She has even been featured in Hautelook, a high end online sample sale site, on many occasions.

Alisa Michelle Designs features many great finished necklaces and bracelets but another great and unique aspect is that you can design your own piece! In their Create Your Own Section you can actually create your own piece with your choice of metal (gold, copper and silver), quotes and add ons.

Alisa Michelle Designs is known for their use of coins and tokens and other reclaimed material that are often meant to be melted down. So every piece has a very special meaning and are very unique. She often uses coins that are from other countries that have unique shapes and sizes. Some are large coins and others are not. She also uses unconventional materials like tokens.

Her designs are loved by celebrity clients and can be seen on Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Olympic Gold medalist Kerri Walsh, Hillary Duff, Ashley Tisdalde and countless others.

Head on over to the Alisa Michelle Designs website and sign up for their newsletter and you will be entered every month to win amazing jewelry. You can also like her on Facebook!

My Review:

Alisa was so amazing to send me FIVE (!!) pieces from Alisa Michelle Designs so that I could conduct a review to see just how amazing Alisa Michelle Designs jewelry is.

Here are the five pieces that I received to review. I got four silver pieces and one gold necklace. I think there is a great sense of glamor and mystery attached to the coins and tokens that Alisha usually features in her designs. I mean think of all the adventures and all the things that these coins have seen.

I love the Do you Love Me Necklace which is stamped on a metal bar. It's a great bold look and really stands out because it's not tiny.

The Peace is a Reward Necklace is also made from a coin and it's so cool because when you flip it to the back it has been worn down so much that you can't really make out any distinctive features. I can just imagine what types of places this coin has been.

The great Life is Short Necklace features two gold charms. One larger one that is an actual coin that says Do if for You and a smaller coin that's actually a bus token that says Life is too Short. As you can see the back of the larger coin features great coin detailing.

Look how cool the All the World's a Stage necklace is! You can actually see the details of the coin that are behind the stamping.

The Have Fun Necklace also has a great quote that reminds me that sometimes I have to do what's right for me and what is in my best interests. And not to get to involved in work so that I forget to have fun. The quote is "If you follow all the rules you miss the fun"

As you can tell Alisa Michelle Designs peices look amazing whether your wear one piece alone.......

or if you decide to layer them like how I did here.

Another great thing that I love is that the pieces are made of coins so they are tough. With some necklaces I have to be very careful because I am afraid that they will get damaged but with Alisa Michelle Designs I really don't have to worry about that!

If you love the jewelry from Alisa Michelle Designs you should be excited to know that I will have a giveaway where you can win a great necklace! Look out for that soon!