Monday, October 31, 2011

Beauty Bash Giveaway Valued at $741.86

I have a huge beauty giveaway valued at $741.86 for one very lucky Giveaway Diva reader! This amazing prize pack is packed with amazing products to ensure that you will have perfect skin for the holidays!

Want to know the amazing prizes that you could win from this giveaway???

Prize One:

First up is the BrilliantFx Body Serum from Trinity of Youth that is a lactic acid based serum that combats dry and cracked skin.

Using naturally occuring medicinal agents that have been used for thousands of years, the BrilliantFx Body Serum is a unique mixture that both alleviates dry, cracked skin while improving the appearance of aging skin on the body.

The BrilliantFx Body Serum is the first exfoliating and moisturizing body serum to introduce a skin-healing mixture of ingredients all in one bottle-lactic acid, Arnica Montana, and Vitamin E. The BrilliantFx Body Serum is valued at $39.99

Prize Two:

The second prize comes courtesy of -Minus417, a great brand that has recently been featured on The Giveaway Diva. -Minus417 is offering a great Anti-Aging Kit valued at $228.97

The kit features:

Time Control Recovery A Cream
which is a special intensive treatment cream that fights wrinkles and signs of aging thanks to its high concentration of retinol (Vitamin A) that plays essential roles in the appearance of the growth, development and maintenance of healthy skin. Time Control Recovery A Cream also contains collagen and essential oils with the Vitamin Mineral Complex that prevents moisture loss.

Time Control Facial Active Serum that is a highly concentrated serum that helps firm and smooth the skin. Since the serum is solely water-based, a higher concentration of active ingredients can be combined with it than other creams.

Prize Three:

The third prize comes courtesy of Saluta I Tuoi Bellissimi Capelli or for those of you without Italian 101: Say Hello to Beautiful Hair, from the Pirri Hair Group.

Included in this great prize pack of hair products:

Mediterraneo which is a daily shampoo that contains essential ingredients to cleanse the hair while maintaining balance and moisture in all hair types. Keeps the hair looking healthy and shiny.

Earth's Balance is a daily conditioner that restores moisture and smoothes the shaft of the hair while helping to combat humidity and static. It helps coat the hair and protects it from the damaging effect of heat from hair styling tools.

Lava Glaze is a smooth and relaxing serum that helps relax the hair for a straight style or reduces frizz. The combination of aloe vera along with other essential products works to eliminate dead ends and protects hair from damage

Nature's Breeze is a detangler and leave in conditioner that smooths out pesky tangles and mends dry ends while protecting the hair and reducing fly-aways.

The prize pack of all the products from Pirri Hair Group is valued at $68.00

Prize Four:

The fourth prize is an awesome product targeted towards guys. For the guys who crave clean skin but hate stealing products, FaceLube is targeted towards men's skin. In this easy three step process, men can reap the benefits of better skin.

Included in this three piece set:

Step One: Anti-Aging Cleaner is made up of concentrated natural organic plant derived complex and high tech manufacturing protocols. It offers deep and effective cleaning of surface oils, impurities and dirt. This helps to restore perfect moisture, balance and tone.

Step Two: Treatment
is a hi-potency concentrated ultra super luxe caviar complex and natural bio-peptides that work to: activate cell metabolism; begin repairs on past damage from environmental assaults and stress; revitalize and firm tired skin, and defend against further damage.

Step Three: Protectant works in conjunction with Treatment. The active ingredients in the Protectant complements the ones found in Treatment. Protectant helps further strengthen the skin's inner structure and seals in moisture.

The total value of the FaceLube kit is $245.00

Prize Five:

This prize is perfect for girls like me who haven't been blessed with long luscious lashes. EnvyDerm is a great product that can help you achieve the lashes nature never gave you. EnvyDerm is a groundbreaking new nonprescription formula eyelash growth serum that is an easy way to ensure that your lashes are the best they can be.

EnvyDerm has an easy to use applicator that is very similar to a liquid eyeliner applicator. Recommended to be used once a day before you head off to sleep along the upper and lower lashlines. EnvyDerm does not disrupt the daily application of make-up or other skincare routines and as a plus can also be used on brows.

EnvyDerm is valued at $99.95

Prize Six:

Finally we have a great new book co-authored by Dermatologist Dr. Paul Friedman, titled "Beautiful Skin Revealed: The Ultimate Guide to Better Skin". This comprehensive book offers an experts view on common skin conditions and treatments that really work. In addition to offering tips on how to maximize the time with your dermatologist.

With twelve chapters that include sections on: Complexion, acne, wrinkles, birthmarks, eyes, skin cancer and so much more it is a great resource for anyone at any age that is suffering from certain skin problems

This new book can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and is valued at $59.99

The Giveaway:

This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States! Please note this because I have had people who have won giveaways in the past who have not been able to claim the prize simply because they don't live in the States!

One winner will win everything shown above! Such an amazing giveaway of amazing products! This giveaway will end on November 30th!

How to Enter:

*Please read the instructions carefully!*

There are three ways in which you can enter: Fill out the form below, click here to fill out the form, or enter through the comment section. Also if you want to add more entries but have already filled out the form you can just add the extra entries that you did in the comment section so that you won't have to fill out the form again.


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