Friday, July 6, 2012

Frieda Sophie Jewelry Review

Colour is a huge trend right now and ever since the sun has finally come out in Vancouver I feel the need to ditch the black and embrace all colours! If you want to find the most amazing jewelry to really get you into the summer mood, Frieda Sophie is an amazing shop that is full of vivid beautiful colours!

This is my second collaboration with Sandy who is the amazing talent behind Frieda Sophie. Sandy is based in San Francisco and her love for jewelry and creating unique colour combinations that really pop has made her one of the most successful Etsy sellers! She currently has over 5000 sales and it is obvious to see why people keep coming back! 

The Frieda Sophie Collection features jewelry that has been inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Sandy carefully selects the perfect gem and pairs it with sterling silver and 14k gold. Each stone is one of a kind and she also loves to feature geodes, unique fossils as well as natural specimens.

I love her new Spring 2012 Line because of the amazing colours and sparkly geodes that she has incorporated into necklaces, rings and earrings. I love that while her jewelry is so classic and looks very expensive it's actually quite affordable, in fact nothing is over $100 and most of her pieces range in the $50 to $30 range.

I know you all love giveaways since you are on this page, so you should definitely check out the Frieda Sophie blog because Sandy has some of the most amazing giveaways! She always highlight such amazing fellow Etsy artists and the giveaways she has had so far are truly worth the visit! Click here to visit her blog! 

You can also follow all her updates on sales and discounts on Twitter and make sure to like her Facebook Fan Page! 

My Review: 

I was so happy that I got to review an amazing piece from Frieda Sophie because I truly love her use of colour!

I got to review the amazing Carnelian Cluster Teardrop Earrings in Gold  for only $49! 

These amazing earrings feature the amazing and unexpected colour combination of six orange carnelian gemstones and teardrop shaped blue chalcedony germs. 

These earrings are such a lovely twist on the simple gold hoops and really go surprisingly well with any of your outfits no matter what colour you may be wearing. 

I really love how the earrings look and they are the perfect size to make one of the most prettiest statements. I love how the colours pop and how they compliment each other so well. The bright fiery orange really brings out the lovely blues and greens of the chalcedony.

If there are any other colour gem combinations you would like to see made into a piece of jewelry definitely contact Sandy and she can ensure that your vision comes to life. She is such a pleasure to work with and her eye for great colour combinations is evident.


Adaptable Kay said...

I stumbled upon Frieda Sophie jewelry through her blog and immediately fell head over heals!

The pieces are truly unique, bold, and eye catching ^.^

Anonymous said...

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