Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kristine Lily Jewelry Review

Looking for a great place for classic jewelry as well as a great place to find amazing jewelry for the hard to find gifts for person in your life? Then you should check out the amazing etsy shop Kristine Lily!

Kristine Lily features amazing necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that are lovingly handcrafted right in New York City. 

I love that everything is so classic and not over-embellished! While there is a time and a place to wear over-sized statement jewelry it's much harder to find classic and refined jewelry that will go well with everything and also stand the test of time and not bend to passing trends. While Kristine Lily Jewelry is classic and features clean streamlined designs it does not compromise on making a statement. 

Each Kristine Lily piece is made out of the most precious metals and features natural gemstones. The prices are so worth it when you consider that quality materials are expensive! Considering what goes into a Kristine Lily piece, they are so worth it because they won't tarnish easily due to cheap materials and they will also be a wardrobe classic for years to come! 

Check Krisine Lily out on their Facebook Page to get the latest updates and to get exclusive discounts and learn about sales!

My Review: 

As you know by now if you are a long time reader of my blog, I can't resist lovely packaging or easy ready to give gifts! Each Kristine Lily piece comes artfully wrapped in a white gift box finished off with a white ribbon bow. 

The first item that I was sent to review from the Kristine Lily line is the lovely Pearl Bundle Earrings. These lovely earrings made of eleven creamy freshwater pearls that are lovely nestled together in order to create this stunning waterfall of pearls effect. The earrings are put together with 14K gold filled fixtures and earhooks.

As you can see I was kind of able to capture the luminosity of these pearls and the lovely different colours that the pearl has! Can you kind of see the lovely pink and purple and blues that are in the pearls? Seriously this is such a stunning pair of earrings and they are so classy! These take the classic pearls that you are used to and puts a much more modern and stylish spin on them! 

These earrings would look amazing paired with any outfit for when you go out at night but also because they are so classic looking you could totally rock them with a pair of jeans and a casual top!

I also love that each piece comes with a cardboard holder so that you know exactly what your jewelry is made of. It's so great if you don't know what the jewel in your new piece is made of! 

The second piece that was sent to me for review is the lovely Carnelian and 18K Gold Vermeil Ring

I love layering and stacking the ring to achieve a different look! Here I have mixed textures and metals with the Carnelian and 18K Gold Vermeil Ring and the Colby June Silver Twig Branch Set

I always find it so difficult to find rings that actually fit because I have pretty slim fingers! If I go to regular stores they never have rings in my size! So what better way to ensure that you get a ring that fits by going handmade? Luckily  Kristine Lily offers rings in small sizes such as size 6, 5.5 and 5! So all you ladies with small fingers take note!

I love the bright vibrant pop of this ring and how the orange just glows and glitters! In a season where vibrant colours have dominated the runway and been seen everywhere this is a great way to be on trend if you want to keep it safe.

If you love the amazing Kristine Lily jewelry featured in my review post you will be so glad to hear that I will be hosting a giveaway for an amazing Kristine Lily piece! Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eden Fantasys Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is coming! You can smell it in the air and you can start to see the shops start to carry more and more Halloween items! Last night a friend and I went shopping for Halloween costumes to get a head start. We decided upon either going as a French Maid or as French Maid. While we were looking at the costumes  I realized that there was such a huge selection but most stores had the exact same costumes meaning that many people would be wearing the same.

So I turned to Eden Fantasys and was very happy with the extensive costume collection that they have on their site! I have many many costumes from Eden Fantasys and I am always so happy with the costume selection that they do have. They have a whole bunch of new costumes that have just arrived and I am drooling over so many of them! Seriously love that Eden Fantasys offers free shipping if you order over $35 and they also throw in a bunch of great goodies as well!

Here are my faves:

Check out the amazing costumes that are offered by Eden Fantasys!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Frieda Sophie 40% off Summer Sale!

Just a heads up but one of my sponsors Frieda Sophie is having such an amazing sale at the moment! She is having a 40% off to mark the end of summer! Use coupon code 40SUMMER! This amazing sale ends on September 27th which is tomorrow! Tell her that I sent you! =) Head over to here shop here!

Luxe Design Jewelry Giveaway

I love personalized jewelry but often it's hard to find really unique jewelry that is simple yet effective. That's why I have totally fallen in love with the amazing personalized designs of Luxe Design! I also love the fact that it is a company from my hometown of Vancouver! I love supporting local talent and Joanne the designer behind Luxe Design has such a great eye!

I love that each piece is hand-stamped with you in mind! My sister has a really unique way of spelling her name and it's totally impossible to find anything personalized with her name on it! That's why I love Luxe Design because each piece is made for you so each piece is totally one of a kind and made just for you! 

There are two different options that you can choose for your Luxe Design piece, you can either go full on out with personalization and that means that you would build your piece from scratch. You can choose the chain, the chain length, the type of metal, the charms, the extra dangles! Seriously the possibilities are endless and you can make so many different combinations! I love this option because it truly allows for your story and for your personality to really shine through! You can choose what is most important to you and hang it around your neck. 

The second option is to choose from one of Luxe Design many finished personalized necklaces or bracelets and simply personalize the piece with the words or names of your choosing. This is a great idea for people who are super indecisive like myself! Because seriously if I had to personalize a necklace from scratch it would take me forever to decide on what I would really like! 

I love that each Luxe Design necklaces, earrings and bracelet is made of the finest materials! Joanne only uses gold and  silver! The normal turnaround for a Luxe Design piece is usually within 10 days! It takes some time to make things perfect but if all the components are in stock Luxe Design can even complete your order within one day! I also love the fact that if they can't complete your order in full they are very flexible and offer you the opportunity to either cancel or change your order.

Check out Luxe Designs Blog and also like them on Facebook

Since Joanne is from Vancouver I decided to ask her special questions related to Vancouver and what she loves best! Here is her interview: 

Name: Joanne Hart        

Name of shop:

 Vancouver BC

Favorite item from your shop:
 I love the new personalized wing charm! It fits into so many categories that we sell, it is new, and looks good by itself or in combination with a bunch of personalized charms. Mine currently reads ‘GUIDED’.

Since you are a fellow Vancouverite, what is your favorite thing about Vancouver and what is your favorite thing to do? Vancouver is such a beautiful city, I am incredibly fortunate to be able to ride my bike to work along the seawall and enjoy the ocean and the city at the same time. How does it get any better than that? I have to ride my bike because my second favorite thing to do is enjoy the multitude of fabulous restaurants, not that I have much time for that! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 
When and what made you want to open up your shop? I’ve been obsessed with jewellery since I was a kid. I used to take apart watches and make them into brooches and barrettes. The happiest day of my youth was when a new bead store opened up in town. I did not like much of the jewellery that was available in stores then, it had no soul! I always wanted to make my own and have been constantly trying one technique after another, as fast as I could learn it.

Opening this online store was a long evolution. Luxe Design was founded in 1995. We didn’t even have a computer when the business was born! But we had one of the first ecommerce websites in an effort to connect directly with people who liked our jewellery. Hand stamping personalized jewellery has become more common as you can now buy these stamps at supply stores, but Luxe was the first to do it. During my training at school, we went to the Boeing Airplane factory and I hand picked a set of metal stamps that made up the alphabet, and used them in the creation of many of my designs. We built a wholesale jewellery line around meaningful sayings and pieces inspired by art and nature, and sold it across North America, Japan, and the UK. But we also had a following closer to home. Our customers began asking us to add their child’s name to the back, or to use their favorite saying on one of our charms. The individual personalized line was borne from there, and the website is the perfect way to accommodate the personalizing process. People can browse the choices at their convenience, and select each and every element of their design.

Tell us a little bit more about your creation process: 
Where do you draw inspiration for all your amazing designs?  There are a lot, I know, I can’t stop. I get my inspiration from a combination of things: I am always interested in new techniques of making things. The techniques inform the design. I am currently working with making impressions of real shells and starfish. I usually make my own stylized versions but the detail in this process is outstanding. The other side of the equation is what my customers are looking for. I know when they buy Luxe Design jewellery they are putting themselves into the final product. They are the ones who create meaning in the pieces by memorializing a loved one or celebrating a victory and commemorating that moment in a personalized charm bracelet or necklace. I like to joke that if the recipient of one of my pieces cries, I’ve done my job. Another element in the creation is fashion! I love great style and wearing jewellery is about adornment and expression. The meaningfulness of this jewellery line is key, but it might as well come in the form of a sexy bracelet or a trend savvy long layered necklace.

What is your go to piece in your collection? Our best seller is our Open Circle Charm. It is a timeless shape and can be personalized with a simple name or inspirational saying, a whole family of names, or the birth and death dates in memory of a beloved pet. It goes with everything in our collection, and looks good on everyone.

If you could be an animal what would you be and why?  
I’d be some kind of wild bird, such freedom! You could live anywhere you like, pop down to Granville Island for some fries and live entertainment, over to Whistler to soar through the mountains, then take off to follow the sun when it starts to get gloomy. 

If you could have one super power what would it be and why? 
 Is time travel a super power? I’d like to do that. I am not patient and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

My Review:

Each  Luxe Design  piece comes giftwrapped in a gift box with the Luxe Design logo embossed on the cover of it. I love the fact that the piece comes in a gift box because it makes for easy gift giving and it is also a great place to store your jewelry when not in use. 

I was sent this amazing personalized charm that consisted of the amazing Sterling Silver Poppy Charm and the Sterling Silver Personalized Angel Wing

The Sterling Silver Poppy Charm is priced at $19 and the Sterling Silver Personalized Angel Wing is priced at $32

I decided to get my name engraved on the Angel Wing charm but you can also include another person's name, the name of your pet or even a special date that holds significant meaning to you! The personalization options are endless! 

I really love how this necklace turned out! It's really beautiful and great for layering with other necklaces! I have gotten so many awesome comments on this necklace!

The Giveaway: 

If you love Luxe Design jewelry as much as I do you will be so happy to hear that I will be having an amazing giveaway! You can either win the exact same necklace that I won or $100 gift certificate to Luxe Design so that you can create your own precious and personalized piece!

Joanne has awesomely agreed to let this giveaway be open worldwide so you enter no matter where you may live! This giveaway will end on October 31st!

How to Enter:

There are three ways in which you can enter: Fill out the form below, click here to fill out the form, or enter through the comment section. Also if you want to add more entries but have already filled out the form you can just add the extra entries that you have in the comment section so that you won't have to fill out the form again!