Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lust List: Burberry Gem Encrusted Trench Coat

Now that winter is coming (Sad face!) I am looking for the perfect jacket! I love this amazing gem encrusted Burberry trench coat because it adds such a great touch to the classic trench coat! Love that it is in such vibrant colours too!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Hope you and your family stay safe, warm and dry and also get a ton of yummy treats!

What are you doing for Halloween? What are you going dressed up as?

Photo: From Boo's Facebook Page!

Luxe Design Jewelry Giveaway Ends Tonight!!!

The Luxe Design Jewelry Giveaway ends tonight! Don't miss out on your chance to win a $100 gift card towards making your own amazing Luxe Design

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Huge Cheerfully Charmed Sale!!

Cheerfully Charmed is having a huge huge sale!! It's a one day thing but since they are my future sponsor I just wanted to give you ladies a heads up on their gorgeous jewelry! They have an amazing selection of Statement Bibs and while the regular prices are $29.99 for one day they are offering you the chance to own one of their necklaces for as low as $9.99!!

So head on over to Cheerfully Charmed before the sale ends!! Let me know if you managed to snag anything and what colour you got!

And watch out for a review and giveaway of Cheerfully Charmed coming soon!

Happy Shopping! xoxo

Cora Lane Jewelry Review

I know Halloween hasn't even passed yet but November is fast approaching which means Christmas is just around the corner! If you are like me and want to avoid the Christmas rush and craziness the best time to start looking for presents is now! Even if you don't buy, it's always best to start browsing for the perfect gift early! A great place to find affordable presents that would be perfect for the women in your life is Cora Lane.

Cora Lane is a great etsy shop that is created by the talented Alisha. Cora Lane is full of amazing necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even vintage jewelry that have been lovingly created by Alisha. 

Alisha specializes in creating bridal party and wedding jewelry but I love that all of her pieces could be worn everyday! They are classic pieces such as her pearl bracelets but she puts a very modern spin on them by adding bright bold colours or using funky and unexpected touches like crystal beads. 

Alisha loves doing custom orders and she is so great to work with and she can definitely create something special and unique whether it be a large order of her special pearl bracelets that follow your wedding colour scheme or if you just wanted something special to treat yourself. 

I also love that everything is so affordable! Nothing is over $50 so you can get something totally beautiful without having to worry about your wallet!

You can also catch up with all the up to the minute updates from Cora Lane and Alisha through following her on Twitter, Liking the Cora Lane's Facebook Page and also seeing what inspires Alisha when she creates while following her awesome Pinterest page! I love that her Pinterest is full of great home decor inspirations! 

My Review:

Alisha was so kind to send me over two amazing Cora Lane pieces to do a review on

Each Cora Lane piece comes ready for gift giving in a white gift box with the Cora Lane Sticker on it, finished off with a Tiffany Blue ribbon bow. I love that it's ready to give so you don't have to worry about gift wrapping it!

They also come in a plastic ziplock bag that you can use again to store your jewelry to ensure that they won't tarnish 

The first item I was sent was the lovely Orange - Coral Statement Bracelet 

This lovely bracelet is from Cora Lane's famous pearl bracelet collection! And at only $18 it's quite a steal! I also love that the crystal pave bead comes in different choices. You can go with the more classic white rhinestone bead or you can go with the more funky multi-colour bead! I think the mulit-colour one best suits the colour of this bracelet and it really brings out the fun nature of this coral bracelet. 

The second item that I was sent was the amazing Silver Pacific Aqua Blue Earrings

These amazing earrings truly capture the beauty of the greens and blues of the Pacific Ocean and I think that this is the perfect name for them! I also love that they are offered in two different metal choices - you can either get the gold rope like I did or the silver. But I would suggest going with the gold because it's a warm metal colour and it truly allows for the blue of these teardrop gems to shine. 

The gems are a nice icy blue teardrop glass but feeling and looking at them they look much more expensive! These earrings sell for $23 and they come in a white drawstring bag like all  Cora Lane jewelry.

And here are some handshots of my modeling the amazing Orange - Coral Statement Bracelet! This bracelet is also perfect for stacking with other bracelets!

If you love the amazing jewelry from Cora Lane  as much as I do you will be so happy to hear that there will be a giveaway soon where one lucky winner will win a piece from her great collection! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday! Enter some Giveaways!

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you have great plans for this weekend!

If you haven't yet enter my giveaways that I've got going on!

Like the Luxe Design Giveaway and the PrettyPractical Giveaway!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pretty Practical Giveaway

I love great and fun jewelry and accessories and I was so happy to have found PrettyPractical! Just like the name suggests, this shop is full of jewelry and accessories that are not only pretty to wear but they are practical as well!

PrettyPractical offers a wide range of amazing earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets! I love that there are so many great trendy pieces but there are also numerous classic pieces that goes well with everything and will be a staple in your wardrobe! 

When it comes to other accessories PrettyPractical offers a wide range of handbags, scarves, sunglasses and belts! I love that the leather handbags are so affordable because often it is hard to find a well designed leather bag at an affordable price! Usually you have to settle for one, but the leather bags from PrettyPractical allow you to be stylish and save money too! 

The best thing about PrettyPractical is the fact that they take social responsibility and environmental awareness very seriously. They try their hardest to promote products that are sourced from Fair Trade manufacturers which is so great because it really allows for the people who produce the item to get adequate and fair compensation. There is even a certain section of their store that is dedicated solely Green Chic items. 

Follow PrettyPractical on Twitter, Like their fan page on Facebook and see what inspires them on Pinterest!

My Review:

PrettyPractical  was so awesome to send me two amazing pieces from their collection so that I could do a review!

Every lovely PrettyPractical piece comes expertly giftwrapped in a lovely brown giftbox with a light blue ribbon tied in a fancy bow. I love me some good giftwrapping and I also love the fact that this makes it way easier because with PrettyPractical you don't need to worry about wrapping it!

The first item that I was sent to review is the amazing Rafaela Onyx & Crystal Cabochon Necklace 

The Rafaela Onyx and Crystal Cabochon Necklace is such a stunning piece! I can't get over how lovely it looks and the fact that it is so detailed and ornate.

You can't really see it in the pictures but there are a ton of tiny crystals that make up the design and once the light hits it, it's so sparkly and pretty.

This necklace looks good with just about anything! In fact I can't think of a thing that it wouldn't look good with! 

You could pair this necklace with a little black dress to go out or any other dress for that matter! But I think that it's such a statement that you don't want to compete with your outfit! This necklace truly deserves to shine on its own. 

I love that this necklace is also very versatile in that the length of it can be changed. So you can make it more of a choker or if you want you can also lower it depending on your neckline. The necklace is sixteen inches in total. 

The second item that was sent is the Marina Gemstone Drop Earrings which is part of their Natural Stone Earrings Collection

These earrings feature two mint coloured tear and diamond shaped stones. These are natural gemstones and they are such a pretty colour!

They also feature matte gold accents that are textured to give it extra depth and add to the detailing on these earrings. 

These earrings also pack quite the punch! They really sparkle thanks to the faceted nature of the stones and I love how the gold highlights the blue and makes it the perfect metal to pair with the stones. 

I love that these earrings are long and dangly! They are two inches long and are totally on trend right now since gemstone earrings are huge right now! They also weigh about half an ounce each.

The Giveaway

If you love  PrettyPractical  as much as I do then you will be so excited to hear that one lucky winner will win the amazing Rafaela Onyx and Crystal Cabochon Necklace! This necklace is such a stunner and it is bound to turn heads because it makes such an amazing statement! 

This necklace is valued at $82!

This giveaway is open to everyone no matter where you may live! This giveaway will end on November 16th

How to Enter:

There are three ways in which you can enter: Fill out the form below, click here to fill out the form, or enter through the comment section. Also if you want to add more entries but have already filled out the form you can just add the extra entries that you have in the comment section so that you won't have to fill out the form again!