Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Posh'mina Review

I love the look of wraps and pashminas and I really think that they are something that can be worn year round. I know most of you might be like what?!? pashminas should only be worn during the winter when its sooo cold out! But I think that pashminas are perfect for a balmy summer night when it's not as hot as during the day.

Although I love pashminas as much as the next girl there can be some issues with wearing them, for one the fact that sometimes they slip off your shoulders when you are wearing them which means that you can be distracted by having to constantly put it back on your shoulders. And that's where The Posh'mina comes in!

The Posh'mina is basically a hybrid pashmina! They have taken the pashmina that we all love and truly changed how it functions. By adding two slots, The Posh'mina has totally revolutionized the way you can wear your pashmina! The two slots allows you to loop the end of the scarf through the hole so that you can get the perfect tied scarf look without the hassle of actually having to tie it and the added bonus of it not shifting around and getting loose! It's sheer genius! 

The Posh'mina offers amazing Posh'minas in a huge variety of colours and patterns. If patterns are not your thing then they also have many different plain coloured options as well! And The Posh'mina actually comes in two different styles slotted and sleeved! 

My Review: 

The Posh'mina was so kind and sent me two of their lovely Posh'minas to do a review on!

As you can see each one came nicely packaged with a great card and wrapped in twine! I love how they packaged the Posh'minas because it's simple and understated. 

This style is called the Lea'Pard Slotted and it actually also comes in the Lea'Pard Sleeved Option as well!

This amazing The Posh'mina is ZZ Slotted! Don't you just love the explosion of bright bold colour?

As you can see each of The Posh'mina have great detail and are very soft and feels so luxurious.

My sister and I decided to head out and show you all of the great ways that you can wear The Posh'mina both styled casually and for more formal occasions. 

I love The Posh'mina worn as a vest and belted up! I really love that you can throw this over a simple pair of shorts and a tank and instantly your look is updated!

The ZZ Slotted is so perfect because of all of the great colours! I mean it can go with everything and anything because it's just so bold!

My sister rocking the more traditional pashmina look! Which is what I love about The Posh'mina because you can get a pashmina but with the added benefit of it being able to be used as an actual piece of clothing!  

Not sure if you can tell but the Lea'Pard Slotted comes with an added's actually reversible!!! That's right! One side is a more dark and muted animal print and the other side is a more brownish tan colour! I love that this provides more styling opportunities!

My outfit: 
Bracelet: Pandora
Shoes: Browns
Sunnies: Tom Ford

As you can see the Lea'Pard Slotted is perfect to go with any night time look! 

Here I'm rocking the Lea'Pard Slotted in a more traditional style of wearing it as a wrap. 

It really works!!!I had no issues with slippage or it becoming loose! I almost couldn't believe it!! I have worn it a few times in this style since this shoot and I still have had no issues! Yay The Posh'mina you guys rock!

I totally love The Posh'mina and all of the amazing looks that you can achieve and just how well it fits into my wardrobe!

If you love The Posh'mina as much as I do you will be so glad to hear that I will be having a giveaway where one lucky reader will win The Posh'mina of their very own! Watch out for that giveaway coming soon! 


Anonymous said...

Great site! And yes I need this for the Fall! I'm the girl who never realizes that my Pashmina is half off while I'm chilly lol! ~ Global Jewelry

Unknown said...

This is such a great idea! A pashmina with sleeves, genius! Great review.

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